Thursday 12 August 2010

MNY Maybelline My Gloss

Hi guys!

Normally I don't like to write too much about make-up because I can't afford the really good stuff and so I think there are always better products than the ones I use. But today I thought I could give it a go and tell you something about my new lip gloss:

Maybelline MNY is a new young product line that provides fashionistas around the world with basic products in trendy colours. After I saw this lipstick over at Chictopia and found out that it's not easy to get it in Germany, I decided that it's time to go and get a new lip gloss.
Actually I hate lip gloss because it's sticky and greasy and doesn't stay on for longer than 5 minutes (well, at least if you're a smoker). Or if it stays on, a little breeze is enough to make all your hair stick to your lips, yummy... But I think I just didn't have the right gloss in the past, because the MNY gloss I bought is different.

It's creamy and easy to applicate (even with my piercing). The applicator has just the right size to put the gloss on your lips and spread it exactly. And after I let it dry for some seconds it kind of soaks in a bit and stays on for two or three hours. It survives snacks and drinks and cigarettes, that's something my former glosses didn't do.
Okay, like I said, after 2 hours it starts to disappear from the lips. But honestly, don't we girls love this little ritual of refreshing our lip gloss with a pocket mirror in public? ;)

You can also play around and try out different make-ups with the Color Muse feature on the MNY website.

The colour I chose is a soft pearly desert beige (number 475), wonderfully shiny of course, and discreet enough to wear it without being stared at like an alien. Actually you can only see the real colour with a certain light incidence, from other angles it only shimmers a bit beige.
There are plenty of other beautiful colours (not only nude tones) available too.

I award even more bonus points because of the bottle's nice black and white design, the handy size and the delicious smell. Oh and last but not least it's well-priced,
I only had to spend 2,50 Euro (approx. 3,30 $).

So what do you say? How do you like my little make-up review? Maybe I'll write (and elaborate) more in the future.

Have a lovely day! :)
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  1. Great make up review, I actually like reading these and would love to read some more from you in the future as you've really covered everything!
    I found this very interesting as someone that loves how lipgloss looks but hates what it does, like you mentioned, I also don't like how sticky it is, and, my boyfriend likes it even less.
    So, I will definately keep my eyes out for this lipgloss and maybe even do a lipstick review of my own :)

  2. I like the review, I'm always on the lookout for great lipgloss (and lipstick now..never thought I would be a lipstick lady). So I will keep my eyes open for this one hopefully they have them in Norway :)

  3. oohhh i dont know if they carried that here in north america.. such pretty packaging.. everything is so much better there! hahaha! :D

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