Friday 13 August 2010

the day was nicer than expected

Hi guys!

Today I took a little trip to Bonn. Actually I only went there because I had an appointment at the university hospital with my (still) inflamed right foot. But I thought I could also take a walk through the old town because after all I haven't been to Bonn since 6th grade or so.
I didn't have many memories of our school trip left, but it turned out that Bonn is a very beautiful city.
It's Germany's former seat of government, so there are lots of landmarked buildings, like an old city hall, an old main post office and some gorgeous old mansions and palaces. For example the beautiful Schloss Poppelsdorf with its lovely botanical garden, which I discovered through the bus windows on my way to the hospital. I was so stunned that such a beautiful place is located in the city and not more out of town. It almost reminded me a bit of Paris, except for the fact that Paris is much larger and more magnificent, ehm and also much dirtier (sorry Parisians, but it's like that).

oh deer shirt: element, jeans, cardi + belt: h&m, shoes: head, tote bag: adidas, bracelet: accessorize

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. Normally I always take it with me, but not today, I mean who could expect that a trip to the hospital could become a little sightseeing tour? Anyway, I didn't want to take shitty photos with my mobile, so I plan to visit Bonn again soon - but with my cam then. So instead of playing tourist I decided to check out the shopping facilities. The disappointing result: mostly usual suspects like H&M, Zara, Mango etc. Pleasant result: they all had final sale. I found three awesome bargains, for example I snatched a Zara dress for 9,90 Euro and it was 39,90 Euro before.Yay!

Oh by the way you can see my casual comfy hospital-appointment-outfit in the photos. It turned out as a good shopping-outfit too. Casual and comfy, well you can't go wrong with it right? Actually I wanted to wear a skirt and tights so bad but it would have been too unpractical because I knew I would have to expose my right leg several times. Perpetually putting on and off tights might have been a bit stressful.

Oh and I also wanted to show you some new flowers I bought for our kitchen table. After I tried out Phlox last time, I chose some lovely snapdragons today.
And I have found the most unusual and cutest florist of all time: he's a twentysomething, tall and skinny, wearing an apron over a plaid shirt, skinny jeans and a short beard, is tattooed on his neck and arms and he's so so nice! He told me that the snapdragons are called snapdragons because their blossoms look like little mouths and that these little mouths would start to tell me stories if I took good care of them. Isn't that cute? I won't ever buy flowers anywhere else anymore!

What do we learn form this? Even the florist business becomes more tolerant towards tattoed and pierced people :)

Have a great day!

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  1. I love this look, so casual and cool. I really love your cardigan, and the flowers are so beautiful!

  2. I have a sweater very similar to yours. I love it! Great outfit. Looking forward to seeing pictures of Bonn!

  3. I love that long cardigan!

    I love snapdragons! They grow everywhere here. : ) I have been picking and playing with snapdragons since I was a little girl.



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