Thursday 5 August 2010

more time

Hi guys!

Aah, finally I have more time again to blog and also to read blogs. I felt so guilty for not reading other blogs and for not commenting back the last week. I had to work 8 to 6 the last couple of days and then after work I spent my time on writing stuff for uni. I finished a little term paper about fallen angels yesterday evening, it was very interesting to analyse certain passages from the King James Bible. And an hour ago I finished the first rough design for my term paper in Linguistic Studies, which is not that interesting to me but it had to be done. I'll present it to my lecturer tomorrow, let's hope it's okay.

shirt: promod, cardi + skirt: h&m, belt: thrifted, floral leggings: mango,
black tights: accessorize, boots: vintage

Anyway, concerning the outfit photos: first of all I have to apologize for their blurriness. Patrick was so kind to take the photos of me on Friday and unfortunately he seems to be a little shaky by nature ;)
I wore this outfit with the floral leggings to work first and then Friday night I felt like the floral pattern emphasized my husky calves too much, so I wore some plain black tights instead. We drove to a town called Münster where Patrick's band had a gig and I was really surprised how comfortable my trusty vintage boots were. I stood and walked around for several hours that night and my feet didn't hurt at all. I'd never thought that some cheap old leather boots (they were only 5 Euro via Ebay) would turn out as the ultimate colder-summerdays-wardrobe-staple :)

Oh and this lovely striped shirt is a bargain from the sale at Promod. I love black and white striped things and with the lace detail on it I just had to buy it. The first thing I tried out when I brought the shirt home was how to wear it with my black corduroy skirt, I simply knew they were the perfect match.

Alright, now after posting this I feel much better and my bad conscience has decreased.
I'll try to catch up and get back to all your lovely comments in the course of the next days asap! I swear! :)

Have a nice day!

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  1. I looovvveee your floral tights, and the green cardigan is such a gorgeous colour, it really stand out.

  2. You look adorable and it's great to have you back! Hope Uni isn't too bad - I defintely do not miss writing essays!

  3. looking great! i must say the tights are fantastic!
    i don't know why, but visiting your blog always brightens up my day! cheers :D

  4. Die Blümchen-Strumpfhose ist wunderschön ♥

  5. Actually I think the floral tights are fabulous!!!
    Tell me, does everyone else on your campus dress as well as you do? None of the girls on my campus seem to know or care about fashion!

  6. Hi Carina :)
    Thanks for alway visiting my blog! I really appreciate the comments that you leave~ THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am fine, thanks, just that busy with my school life and i need a photographer to take my outfits and post it on my blog too, am still looking for it. I love your outfit! the shirt with some of the lacey touch, awesome!! feminine and chic! And eventually you paired it nicely with the olive green cardigan, you are good in mix and match :) see ya around Carina ;)
    with loves and peace.


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