Thursday 19 August 2010

online finds #4

Hi guys!

I have another one of my online finds posts for you today, so I hope you enjoy this:

I found an amazing shop on DaWanda: LikeLife.
Look at this shirt, it's so cool. I plan to buy it soon :) They offer some more really cool print shirts so if you like the one above you have to check out the other designs too.

This is the "Kodjos butterflies" aquarel from cadeaux-art, isn't it pretty? I love the paintings in this shop, most of them are Africa-inspired and simply gorgeous.

Look how pretty these are! The "Gabriel fabric rose necklace" from brideblu.
I want! :)

These are the superlovely "Thank you robot" greeting cards from Sweet Harvey, I love the cute little yellow fellows on the cards. They have really nice cards for all occasions and you can also check out their blog here.

The "Kissing Kiddies earrings" from Reyney, God sometimes I'm tempted to get my ears pierced because of pretty items like these.

One of my favourite Ebay shops: California Vintage Connect. They have so much pretty stuff online, for example this adorable jumpsuit. Oh if only the shipping wasn't that expensive to Europe...

Alright, that's it for today. Hope you likeed it :)

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. I lost 3 readers during the last two weeks, is my blog becoming boring?

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  1. i want that rose necklace! it look so cute!

  2. Great Finds! I love those necklaces...hummmm do I need to buy one? Off to check them out right now!

    Happy weekend. xoxox

  3. No way you could be boring. I'm back my dear and you already got me insprired :))Love, love the t shirt. Have a happy SUNday. XX

  4. I love all of these shops. Thanks so much for the links and ideas!

  5. Definitely not boring! I sent you an email over the weekend too :)

  6. the kodjo butterflies are amazing


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