Tuesday, 17 August 2010

sarouel, harem, jodhpur- what the heck?

Hi guys!

Today I have another one of my pants-looks for you. And some months ago I learned that these kind of pants are called Jodhpurs. Then there were more new expressions like harem pants and sarouel pants and Aladin pants in circulation and I got a bit confused because everyone seemed to know the differences but me.
Well, now I obtained some information about this whole pants issue and can proudly share my knowledge with you ;)
(For those who are already in the know: you can skip the rest!)

pants: amisu, shirt: paris souvenir, jacket: h&m, shoes: thrifted, belt: vintage, bag: accessorize

The Jodhpur pants:

They are named after a city in India and were actually the Indian version of breeches. They were normally used for sports (riding of course) and have a kind of v-shape which means they're rather baggy in the bum and thighs area and become more slim-fitting around the calves and ankles. The khaki pants I wear in the photos have such a shape.

The sarouel pants:

I couldn't find out where their name comes from, but the sarouel pants are what we also call harem pants or Aladin pants, which is logical because they originated from the Orient. I'm sure you can all remember Aladin from the Disney movie jumping around in these pants? ;)
They are cropped very baggy and comfortably wide around the legs and the crotch doesn't have to be at normal height but can also be at knee height. So the shape of these pants can vary a bit, it can be just like we know it from the Disney movie or even more slouchy.

Well, I hope I could clarify this pants issue a bit for you. At least I'm happy with my newly gained knowledge because I always like to know what I'm talking about (the quirk of a philosophy student I guess).

Have a wonderful start of the week! Happy Monday ;)

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  1. Thanks for the little fashion lesson! I guess I had no idea there was such a difference.

    I absolutely love this color combo, it's one of my favorites. Black/red/white/and greenish tanish. Sorry, I'm not good with colors, I just know what it looks like. haha

  2. Ich muss meinem vorposter vollkommen recht geben: tolle farb-kombi! gefällt mir gut :)

  3. Look at those polka-dot shoes! Love those. The pants are great as well - fun style and flattering while still being loose!

  4. i adore your shoes :)


  5. hi! i am giving u a blog award!



  6. I love your t-shirt. Nice look


  7. i love it!! i want pants like those. and cheers to the first blog from germany that i've found!! :-)

  8. I think sarouel is what the pants are called in French? That's what eBay has led me to conclude anyway. :D Either way, nice outfit!

  9. @ all: thank you thank you :) I enjoyed reading your comments for breakfast, it made my day :)

    @ elle's ennuie: yes, that's a good idea! this might be the right answer, thank you :) Somehow it didn't come to my mind that it could be French (although it really sounds French of course).

  10. love your tee! and the polka dot shoes.come follow me xoxo

  11. wow, I love your dotted shoes! so lovely :D
    anyway thanks for the comment


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