Sunday 13 November 2011

fall wishlist... again...

Hi guys!

Oh how inspired I am by all these lovely fall wishlists I saw around the blogosphere lately. The post that inspired me the most was the wishlist of Little Chief Honeybee, it's full of delightful pieces. I started to browse the online shops again to put together some things for fall myself and found some lust-worthy stuff. I need to win the lottery soon...

1) Outfitters Nation "Casey" cardigan 2) Pimkie rust colored dress 3) Promod 70s faux leather bag 4) Monki "Leaf" necklace 5) MiMaMeise redbreast ring 6) H&M faux fur hat 7) Modcloth "Head Down Umbrella Up" umbrella 8) Hunter navy boots

1) H&M plaid shirt 2+3) Pimkie mustard scarf and hat 4) Mint&Berry olive chinos 5) Fjällräven "Greenland" Parka 6) Amused by Ameko bag 7) Verabel "The Kaleidoscope Locket" necklace 8) Lulu's "Miss Me Ponie" boots 9) Monki "Polly" socks

1) H&M blazer 2) cute-monstR "Rawwr means..." shirt 3) Casio watch 4) Pimkie brown skirt 5) Accessorize "Leopard Sheer" tights 6) Rut M.FL. "Lyo Big" scarf 7) Eden ankle boots 8) Modcloth "Upwardly Mobile Satchel" bag

I could go on like that for hours....... Sigh.... ;)

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  1. AHhhh I love all three of these so much, seriously if I won the lottery I would go shopping immediately. I love the sweater in that first one!

  2. you ve probably stolen my fall wishlists:P i absolutely adore everything, i agree with you!! i believe that fall is the most perfect season to dress!!
    great blog!! following!!

  3. I love your picks, they are such classic staples for Fall!

    It's Spring here in Sydney and I am already missing my cardigans and coats. :(

    Hope you had a beautiful weekend, my lovely! ♥

    The Cat Hag

  4. Lovely picks. I just got some red hunter boots and I am so excited for the rain to come.

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  5. ooo i love that bag in the first roundup!

  6. Danke für deinen Kommentar bei Ina zu meinem Kalender und den Fotos, kannst ja mal rumfragen, gibt bestimmt wen, der dir den schenkt :)

    Zu deinem Beitrag: diese Pimkie Bommelmütze hab ich nu schon n paar mal gesehen, die ist wunderbar <3 Und das RAWWR-Shirt hab ich auch, das lohnt :)

  7. Love these outfits!


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  9. I am loving all these looks...I sooo wish I had something new to wear today...the rainy day board is what I need today. xoxoxo Hugs.


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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