Sunday, 27 November 2011

blue aztec

Hi guys!

Oh Patrick and I are totally exhasuted, we just came back home from an afternoon with his parents. We had invited them to dinner tonight but they came a little earlier to spend some more time with us. First we had coffee and cake here at home, then we went downtown and walked across the whole christmas market, stopped at three hot wine stands, got a little tipsy, walked down the whole Königsallee and finally went to the restaurant.
God, my feet hurt, I'm so full and tired, but it was a really nice day. The hot wine was delicious, the cold fresh air was wonderful to take a walk and the food was good and filling as well.
Later I will just fall into bed, curl up and sleep like a baby!

♥ cardigan: gina tricot ♥ dress: h&m ♥ scarf: accessorize ♥ belt: primark ♥ shoes: goertz ♥ bag: asos ♥

How do you like aztec prints? In summer I bought a scarf with an ethno-ish print in Budapest and since then I've been looking for more pieces with these kind of print because I like it a lot. A few weeks ago I found this blue dress in the H&M sale for 15€ and couldn't resist, it had to come home with me. Unfortunately I didn't try it on in the store and at home I noticed that it's a bit shorter than my feel-good length for dresses and skirts, but on my confident days I wear it (or on unconfident days high heels will do the trick I think).
As the aztec print is rather eye-catching I decided to simply combine it with black and brown. Et voilà, a cute everyday look.
Plus I also rediscovered my love for black knee-high socks, as you might have seen already in the last days here and here.

So, Saturday is almost over now and I also have some nice plans for tomorrow. My mum will visit me for a nice get-together, I totally want to bake coconut macaroons (first attempt, I'm excited), I want to go to the gym again (to test my new mp4 player) and I also want to put a lot of stuff on sale at Ebay because I need to get rid of my old winter jackets to buy me a new one.

How has your weekend been so far? Do you also have some nice plans for Sunday?

Have a lovely evening! :)

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  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera".


    Greetings from Italy


  2. Love the print on your dress, and the brogues go so nicely with it : )


  3. Love your shoes and dress

  4. Love the print but the colour even more! I think the lenght is very flattering, you really don't need to be self-conscious about it. :)

  5. Thank you for visiting the "photosphera" and good work in the future on your lovely space.

    A hug

    my photo picasa album

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  6. tolles kleidchen!

  7. That sounds like such a wonderful day!! Lots of food and fun times with family. I love days like that.
    This dress is gorgeous, it has the cutest print! It's a great colour too. It doesn't look ridiculously short!
    I have so much homework to do, not a fun sunday haha

  8. sounds like a wonderful day.
    family time is always a lovely time.
    that print on your dress is beautiful.
    have a wonderful sunday!

  9. Cute. Love that dress...and your hair is beautiful!

  10. Sehr schöne Bilder! ;)
    LoveLaura&Anki, schau doch mal vorbei, würde uns freuen! ;)

  11. Lovely dress and scarf too.

  12. What a great find :D Lovely dress


  13. Such a lovely outfit. ^^d
    Looks perfect for any autumn day. ^^v
    Ps. Love your blog. ^^d
    Have a great day!


  14. Das letzte Bild ist total schön :-)

  15. really nice blog dear! your seem very symphatically! like your blog.
    you def have a new follower. hope you'll have a look at my blog too and if you like it, you can follow me too, i'll be waiting for you!
    lovely greets and a wonderful week!
    maren anita <3

  16. i love the print on the dress, and the grey tones with the blue tones look so cute! :) sounds like you have had a really nice saturday! :)



  17. oh my gosh, Carina! you look so absolutely stunning! i love that dress on you (like seriously, it is SO flattering, i'm dying to have one!!!!) i love the blues and black together, and i'm definitely thinking of assembling an outfit together soon that is going to be very similar to this!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  18. I understand your feeling about skirt lengths but really, this just above the knee length is just gorgeous on you! I love that length on myself too and I'm a midi skirt kind of girl. :-) And I basically love all prints, from tie dye to geometrical shapes so this aztec kind of print is delicious too!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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