Friday 18 November 2011

beats & bummel

Hi guys!

How have you been?
God, I had a really awful day. First I was 15 minutes too late for my seminar at uni this morning because of our shitty public transport (when the bus is overcrowded the bus driver thinks it's not necessary to stop at a station anymore....) and then I had to hold a presentation for this seminar and it sucked for some lecturer-concerning reasons...
So instead of fretting about today I tell you something about last Saturday.

♥ cardi: gina tricot ♥ shirt: bershka ♥ skirt: gosha ♥ belt: primark ♥ boots: h&m ♥ necklace: six ♥

Last weekend Patrick and I needed some rest from the busy week, we were both feeling exhausted and weren't up to anything exciting. But then again we also didn't want to hang around at home all day, so we were at least able to pull ourselves together for a little fleamarket spree. There is a fleamarket in our neighbour city, it's called "Gare du Neuss" because it takes place in an old storage building behind Neuss' main station.
Normally its on Saturday noons (beginning at 11 am), but last Saturday it was hosted as a kind of "stylish young market" called "Bummel und Beats" (meaning stroll and beats). There was lots of rummage, but also DIY stands, cake, sushi, a lounge area with vintage furniture and a DJ who put on some electro tunes.
Actually it was a quite nice event but I couldn't help feeling to be surrounded by too many (wannabe) hipsters, that is people who understand "fleamarket" as trying to palm off their used Zara bag on you for 5 bucks less than the original price. Woohoo, that's what I call a fleamarket bargain...not!

But I don't want to be a grinch, it was a nice mix of different things displayed there. I discovered a stand with these lovely DIY strawberry hats that I've seen around the web a lot lately and I was so tempted to get me one but abolished this idea last minute because it made me look like a moon-faced kindergarten child.
Patrick wanted to leave after 20 minutes, he's a person who thinks he has seen everything after one round through the rows. I was able to convince him of going around again because I think a real fleamarket rummage aka treasure hunt has to take some time. Eventually we left after another round, but fortunately I was in a "quick treasure hunt mode" and snatched three lovely things before leaving.

♥ darkgreen Moroccan leather bag - 8€ ♥ darkgreen kitschy suede belt - 2€ ♥ pair of beautiful handmade wooden Russian horses - 12€ ♥

Jackpot! I adore these wooden horses so muchhhhh! I had been looking for something like them forever and the only thing I had found before was a wooden carousel horse figurine with a missing tail.
Now these two Russians live on our book shelf in the living room and the matryoshkas have moved to the sideboard. Giddy-up!
I'm also a sucker for darkgreen at the moment, hence the bag and belt were great finds as well.

How do you like my finds? How do you like "stylish young fleamerkets"?

Happy Thursday!
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  1. Great mustache! :D You look so cute, I like your skirt. :)

  2. love the layers and the boots :)


  3. ahhh wow, I love that skirt so much!! brown bears, awww :) And the colours in this whole outfit are great!

    I've always wanted to go to a fleamarket so badly, but never have. This one sounded pretty fun! Maybe this summer I'll have to look into it, see if there're any here in MN.

  4. Any flea-market is great in my books! Your new bag is gorgeous and the horses are great - a lot of character!

    Also, bears on a skirt? Genious! :)

  5. I'm loving this outfit! Great combination, lookin good!

  6. Public Transportation ! tell me bout it , its exactly as horrible here ! unreliable system urghh

    But hello dear , miss you loads ! HOpe you're doing well

    Bummel & Gare du Neuss sounds really fun , i wish we have more authentic flea markets here in my country , its so hard to find good vintage goods

  7. I have the same horses!

  8. BEAR PRINT ON YOUR SKIRT?! Kind of the cutest thing I've seen all week, I absolutely love it, and that cardigan looks sooo cozy.
    Your little wooden horses are so awesome, sounds like fun at the market :)

  9. dämlich so doofe zara und H&M sachen für nahezu den originalpreis zu verkaufen.. tzzz

    naja aber eyyy die Pferdchen sind so coooool!

  10. This is gorgeous! The skirt is rad and I adore the 'stache! ;)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset


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