Thursday, 3 November 2011

happy halloween

Hi guys!

Happy belated Halloween to all of you!
I hope everyone had a spooky night?!
We were invited to a Halloween party at a friend's apartment and damn was it cool! he and his friends had put so much effort in the decoration, it was really creepy: spiderwebs everywhere, fake spiders, skulls, cardboard tombstones, blood stains on the walls, horror movies on TV and even spooky food like this or this.
My costume was a very simple improvised witch. I bought the broom, hat and spiderweb tights at a costume shop and the dress and boots were already in my closet. I also borrowed some of Patrick's ghost make up for my face and that's it.

Mrs. Witch

Mr. Ghost

the bathroom

the coffee table


How did you spend your Halloween night?

- All photos except for the second one are borrowed from our friends Wolf R. and René R.!!! -
Thanks guys!
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  1. was für unglaublich tolle bilder!!!
    ihr seit ja cool!!!!

    ja voll lieb sie geben mir das geld und ich brauchs erst nächsten monat zurückzahlen (da bekomme ich weihnachtsgeld)... und 200 e bekomme ich dazugeschenkt ^^

  2. Great costume! You are very nice Witch! :)

  3. You make a great witch (in a nice way? that sounds bad.)!! I love it, those tights are so awesome, I had some like that and I definitely wore them for more occasions than just halloween. Mr. ghost is SUPER creepy haha, he did a great job

  4. Glad to have stumbled upon your blog! Everyone seems to still have the halloween hangover! love your tights and the cross make-up on your friend's forehead! awesome! x

  5. Wow, this looks like the coolest party! I love your tights, I'd totally wear them out of halloween too... :)

  6. juch juch inak super prevlek! paráda fakt parádička super!nevieš kde by sa dala zohnať tá svietiaca hovadinka na stene? :)

  7. great costumes :) the coffee table looked pretty cool :)



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