Tuesday, 1 November 2011

two thousand voices

Hi guys!

Aah sorry, I still haven't managed to get back to your comments. Tomorrow, I swear! ;) I've been pretty busy the last days, birthdays, Halloween preparations bla bla...
Today we got a last minute costume for Patrick, he'll be a ghost tonight and I'm going to put a fake burn and spooky make up on his face, haha so much fun!
I'm going as a witch, a pretty costume that I had to improvise last minute as well. I already had a black dress and black boots, so I only bought a broom, spiderweb tights and a big black hat :) I was totally inspired by Selective Potential and Tieka's with costume from last year. I'll make sure we take photos tonight so you can see it all tomorrow.

♥ cardi + skirt: h&m ♥ shirt: review ♥ shoes: thrifted ♥ belt: primark ♥

These photos are a little older, they are from a few weeks ago when we had a lovely Indian summer here in the beginning of October. I somehow forgot to post them and when I rediscovered them on my drive the other day I thought I could still post them because I love the colours in this look.
Alright, I have to get dressed and paint Patrick's face now.


now playing: strike anywhere - two thousand voices
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  1. your skirt is really pretty. love it with the mustardy top! x

  2. This is just lovely! The skirt paired with the mustard shirt is a favorite combination of mine for the Fall. Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

  3. Im so excited to see your costume!! I'm sure it will look great. I made a rag doll wig and just wore a dress and some socks!Love the pattern on this skirt with the yellow tshirt and red cardigan. such great colours together!


  4. Die Farben sehen so toll zusammen aus! :)

  5. I love you vintage bike tee! So cute! Just found your blog and am loving it!

    xo, Strawberry Moth


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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