Tuesday, 18 January 2011

heavy rain

Hi guys!

How have you been?
I'm sorry, I've been a lazy blogger last week. It seemed like the productivity of the first week in 2011 was replaced by a wave of pure laziness in week no. 2 and I swear I tried but I was so demotivated that I didn't do anything productive. The weekend was the peak of laziness, oh you don't even want to know how long I slept and how little I moved, believe me... And I was not ill, I have no idea where this fatigue came from! Winter depression? I don't know, but I'm so glad it's gone now. Hope it won't come back.

♥ skirt, belt, cardi, blouse & tights: h&m ♥ hat: zara ♥ boots: ebay ♥ necklace: accessorize ♥

Good news (you might think I'm stupid, but):
I found the time to read some more about my new DSLR and I finally understood how to handle the zoom lens and at least half of the different modi to take photos. I'll upload the first outfit shots taken with the new cam in the course of this week. Yay :D
Now the next things I'll have to learn about is this ISO stuff and shutter speed etc... and the next things I'll have to buy are a cam bag and a tripod!
Today Patrick tried to take photos of me and it was a catastrophe because his hands are SO shaky that even the vibration-reduction of the cam couldn't help and so all the photos turned out extremely blurry.

The outfit is what I threw together in a hurry in the morning some day last week. I wanted to try if khaki and mustard works and I think it did?! Okay the cardi doesn't really look mustard in the photos but it actually is, it's just my crappy old cam's fault because it always tends to overexpose things. Oh and my new swallow necklace! I can't stop wearing it, it's so pretty! A funny little story about it: it caught my eye when it was hanging in the chaotic Accessorize sale section and I fell in love with it. It was the only one there but it was hopelessly entangled in other necklaces and hooks and all but I wanted it so bad! So I untangled it in painstaking detail work until I finally got it out of this mess and happily carried it to the pay desk.
Unfortunately it was not a sale item, it was simply hanging on the wrong wall! Aaaah...
I bought it anyway.

♥ hat: zara ♥ pin: kool kat kustom ♥ necklace: accessorize ♥ bracelet: h&m ♥

Alright, I promise to blog more this week.
But now I'm going to visit Patrick on the sofa and watch him play Heavy Rain, a great new game for PS3 that is designed like a movie, so gripping!

Have a wonderful day!! :)
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  1. eins wunderschöne kette. sie macht richtig lust auf den frühling wenn wieder die ganzen vögel zwitschern.


  2. That's great that's you're getting to grips with your camera. I really like your outfit!

  3. super cute outfit! i love the colors and your necklace is adorable!

    lazy weekends are good ;D

  4. i love the color in this outfit.
    the mustard and green go well together.
    oh how i wish i had a DSLR camera..enjoy it! :)
    you look beautiful..& i hope you have a wonderful week! <3

  5. love your tights and cardi!! you look gorgeous.


  6. love your skirt - so cute!

  7. Great outfit darling, I could really use a pair of boots like those, I shall have to keep them in mind for when winter stock hits the shelves!
    I'm so glad that you finally got a DSLR, I find mine to be so tricky and fidley :P
    Thank you so much for your sweet well wishes and concern for the devastation in my country, I hope nothing like that happens to the Rhine...

  8. Lovely outfit!
    I threw the three notes with your name on it in the big giveaway hat fingers crossed!!
    Einen tollen Dienstag xxx

  9. I love this outfit!! That zip up skirt is sooo pretty, and the yellow sweater is perfect with it. Such a great look :)

  10. This outfit is soo adorable! I love the mustard colored cardigan! The whole outfit works together so nicely! I hope you are having a great week so far!

  11. You look so lovely! Zip up skirts are really awesome

  12. You look very cute in yellow, dear. :)

  13. super schönes Outfit..vorallem der Rock gefällt mir sehr gut! :)


  14. love the pop of yellow against the dark-colored skirt and that bird necklace is very adorable :)



Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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