Thursday 20 January 2011

copycat meow

Hi guys!

Hm, my life is so ridiculously boring at the moment that i don't have to tell you somethign exciting. I can only tell you something about My Epic.
Okay, I admit it must be boring to get music tips from someone whose taste in music is, well, a mix of everything that includes drums and guitar but the message I actually want to get across is that this band is really really good!
All the facts about them are so unspectacular, but their music is the bomb. They're from the US (North Carolina) but I think they're not famous, at least not here in Europe. I don't even know how I got to know their album, I guess it was another one of Patrick's discoveries, and at first I only liked one song which is called "Lower still".
And then I slowly started to pay more attention to the rest of the album "Yet". Their sound is heavy and depressing in some songs and then again there are calm and profound tracks, but all are rather slow in general. And the lyrics are brilliant! Well, honestly I'm never sure if I really understand the meaning of songtexts like theirs but if I understand them right they're awesome.

Alright, I'll stop to bore you with this now ;)

♥ cardi: gina tricot ♥ shirt: pimkie ♥ pants & belt: new yorker ♥ shoes: akira ♥ necklace: accessorize ♥

This outfit was inspired by a girl that I saw at Chictopia the other day, SavannahKay, she's a new Chictopian and I love her uncomplicated and cute style. You can see her look that inspired me here.
Of course she pulls of the pants and checkered shirt much better than I ever could and the boots and sunglasses are the perfect additions to this cute casual outfit! Unfortunately I don't have a red plaid shirt or booties like her, but I tried to replace these items with what I had and it turned out okay.
Note to self: get a pair of cool aviator sunglasses for summer!

♥ necklace: accessorize ♥ ring: six ♥

So, do you guys try to copy looks from other people too from time to time? If yes, who inspires you? Maybe there are certain pieces in your wardrobe that you only bought because you saw a similar item on someone else and felt inspired?

Have a fabulous day!

now playing: my epic - lashes
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  1. I can definitely see the inspiration in your outfitt. I think your outfit looks great and I think I like it better when you make whatever outfit inspired you your own. I'm constantly inspired by other bloggers and that is one of the many reasons I love being in this community. I might actually start a feature called inspired, where I translate an outfit from some of my favourite bloggers etc to something more me. We'll see how that turns out...

    wow, that is one long comment - sorry!

  2. I love this "lumberjack" inspired look and the pleating details on your pants :)

  3. love your style!amazing combination of colors!


  4. Love this plaid, trousers and red cardigan combination, it looks so rustic and wholesome!

  5. this is wonderful! I love the whole vibe of the blog so much :)

    kisses x

    Check me out at...

  6. my life is boring right now too! :)
    i am inspired all the time by many bloggers but i mostly get inspired by flipping through catalogs of clothing i can not afford... :)
    then i try to make it my way but for cheaper!
    i love the plaid and the trousers..i have been looking for pants like that for is so hard to find good ones that fit my body type correctly..

  7. Hello! Danke fürs followen! ;)
    Also ich finde deine "Kopie", die ja mehr eine "Übertragung" ist, sehr gut gelungen! Solche Hosen stehen dir einfac echt gut! Und hm... ich glaub ich hab kein Kleidungsstück, das ich gekauft habe, weil ich es an jmd. gesehen habe, aber inspirieren lasse ich mich natürlich auch hin und wieder!

  8. Me LOVE your necklace!
    I try to copy myself, on my good days, if that makes sense...

  9. great(: love your header !!!

    how about following each other ? xx

  10. Oh I love that combination! I'm thinking I need more plaid!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  11. Love this outfit! Great mix of gorgeous rich and muted colours with that hit of plaid. Perfect. Have a great weekend!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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