Thursday, 13 January 2011

there's a television looking at me

Hi guys!

I'm still trying to figure out how to use the new DSLR in different light situations and all, so there'll be photos taken with my normal cam for the time being.
I was too tired to sit down and learn about the DSLR after work the last days, so I slouched about on the sofa to watch some more movies. Remember the little movie-list I posted the other day? I worked off some of the movies by watching Zombieland (I love Woody Harrelson!), Moon (cool!) and Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 (rubbish!). Furthermore I suffered through Saw VI and V and decided to not watch the sequels because after Saw I everything's crap. Today I died laughing in some of the scenes in Drag me To Hell. Sam Raimi has a unique humour... ;)

♥ coat, scarf and jeans: h&m ♥ boots: ebay ♥ hat: accessorize ♥

I haven't shown you my lovely new coat yet, so here it is. Navyblue perfection with silver buttons in a kind of military style (you can't really see them because of the scarf). Snatched it in the H&M pre-Christmas sale for 30 € but haven't had the chance to wear it because it was too cold outside. Now that the temperatures have climbed up to somewhere between 2 and 7 degrees Celsius the coat is perfect, especially with a cozy scarf and hat. Speaking of the hat, this is my new favourite hat. I'm in love with the Scandinavian style pattern and the cute pompom on top :D
Oh and btw: I actually wore brown leather brogues with this outfit, just so you know I don't wear fake UGGs when I leave the house! I like how comfy they are but I'd never leave the house with them, except for going to the petrol station around the corner or so. I'd feel kinda embarassed, like I forgot to change from house slippers to normal shoes if I wore the fake UGGs to uni or work. It's just this little quirk of mine ;)

♥ hat: accessorize ♥

My updated movie-list for the next weeks looks like this:

Due Date
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
(recommended by a friend of mine - danke Regina ^^)

The Messenger
Eat Pray Love
Angela's Ashes

Have a fantastic day!

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  1. der mantel. ein traum die farbe und der schnitt ist wunderbar

  2. i like ur beenie! <3

  3. Hallo meine liebe,

    ja was für ein süsses Kommentar von Dir! Danke Danke Danke...da hat mich gefreut!!!

    Sprüche wird es jetzt zu genüge geben...glaub mir :)))

    eyyy aber hallo die mütze sieht so süss aus an Dir....echt toll haha

    schlaf gut!!! Hoffe du hattest einen tollen tag?! Meiner war etwas stressig aber richtig cool :))


  4. i waaaant that coat :)

    love, polly :D

  5. Very cute jacket....I am looking for a new one...I love the colour.

    Snowy hugs to you today. xox

  6. i love your coat, it's so cute! and zombieland is such a great movie, i love that bill murray is in it! :)

  7. looove your coat!!xx

  8. I love the coat and scarf and boots very cute. I followed you!

  9. Your coat is to die for and that beanie is too cute! Love your movie list too Hahah.. I almost die laughing while watching Drag Me to Hell!

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  10. Such a lovely little hat ^_^

  11. Very lovely coat!!! :D Following along to see your future cute outfits!

  12. Gorgeous coat and scarf the colors looks so pretty on you!


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