Monday 31 January 2011

red russian

Hi guys!

The weekend is already over again :( It always goes by so fast no?
Yesterday we cleaned up our apartment all day and in the evening we went to Cologne where my Mum's boyfriend invited us to a Russian restaurant to celebrate his birthday.
It was the strangest evening at a restaurant ever! The restaurant is called HoteLux, it's located in Cologne-Deutz near the big trade fair halls and honestly, with its big red neon writing on the outside it looked like a brothel.

(photo taken from

It didn't get better inside: red velvet on the walls, chairs and tables, red lights and lots and lots of kitschy red curtains and Stalin paintings and all. It was so funny, it totally looked like I imagine a real soviet bar from way back then (and Patrick's Mum, who grew up with the Russian culture in the former GDR, confirmed me that it really looked like that everywhere in the Soviet Union back then).

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But the impressive red velvet overkill couldn't compensate that the waitress simply couldn't engage my sympathy for her. A little misunderstanding of what she said made me hate her half the evening and when someone finally told me that had I gotten her wrong I felt bad for the rest of the time there. But I still insist on that it was her fault because she misworded her sentence.
Anyway, after one hour of hunger and a cocktail "Meadow in Siberia" we finally got our food. I immediately knew I shouldn't have taken the only vegetarian dish on the menue when I saw it. "Kotelety Gritschka" turned out to consist of two buckwheat burgers with tomatoe sauce and a small heap of sauerkraut with white mushrooms.

Granted, the sauerkraut tasted surprisingly good because it was mild and rather sweet-pickled! But the buckwheat thingies tasted like the thawed out vegan burgers that you get in our uni canteen for 1 € and well, yeah, tomatoe-sauce is tomatoe-sauce?! All in all it was a very strange dish. I think a dish with meat would have been a better choice because Patrick said his fillet of beef was delicious.

♥ cardi & jeans: h&m ♥ dress: gina tricot ♥ belt: topshop via ebay ♥ bag: nook art ♥ shoes: thrifted ♥

Remember when I wrote about occasions yesterday? Well, my outfit for this occasion was rather simple: everytime I know we'll have dinner at a restaurant I put on something that's not tight around the stomach haha ;) This lovely tulle top/dress was perfect because it's loose from the waist downwards and it even has an elastic band at the waist, which makes it even more comfortable. But it's still cute and neat because of the tulle layers :)

♥ bracelets: h&m and gift from stylight necklace: accessorize ♥ ring: h&m

Okay, I still couldn't figure out why this Russian restaurant is one of Ralf's favourites, but at least we had a nice and funny evening with each other. I always love to try out new cuisines, but Russian will definitely not become one of my favourite foods.
Emergency plan: if the evening would have been awful we still could have harked back to the thousands of different vodkas on the drinks menue ;)

Tomorrow I'm going to show you lovely photos that I took today when I accompanied Patrick to his band rehearsal. Oh and btw this evening we went to a Greek restaurant with Patrick's parents and it was de-li-cious! So I had at least one yummyyy dish this weekend (
Suvlaki, I would die for it, hhmmm yum).

I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend too! :)

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  1. Awww I'm sorry to see that your first experience with eating Russian food was so bad! I think the restraunt just got it all horribly wrong because I promise you that authentic Russian food is actually very delicous. When I go to Russia next year I'll make sure to take lots of photos of the food I eat and you'll see that it's actually very good, it's just a shame that the restraunt was so shitty :P

    I really love this outfit, the black tulle and military jacket combination is fabulous and those t-bar wedges are amazing, I want a pair like that too :D :D

  2. You look so cute! And it looks like you had a lovely time <33

  3. Love your shoes, very cute! What a shame the meal wasn't that great, it's annoying when you have your expectations dashed! xx

  4. I like your dress and ring! So cute! :)

  5. I've always wanted to try Russina food, but you're the second person I know that had a bad experience with it though.. so I'm on the fence about it. You looked very cute and I'm glad you at least got to enjoy delicious Greek food! Happy monday my dear :)

  6. super outfit. du siehst wie immer umwefend aus. die details sind toll!
    Auch die kombonation von kleid mit jeans ist dir echt gelungen.

  7. Your whole outfit is amazing!!! Am so loving the military with pretty dresses thing atm!!! Spot on! :D

  8. Is the bottom half of the dress made from tulle? I love how you styled this dress, it really showcases your personal style, with the jeans and military jacket :)

    I never try Russian Food. Another thing to add on my list of "Food I should eat before I turn xx years old" :)


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