Saturday, 22 January 2011

show must go on

Hi guys!

Gaaawd, this boring drab working week has finally come to an end! I was so looking forward to the weekend! Not because I had a hard week, quite the contrary, but because I have plans, yes plans. I haven't had special weekend plans for...ehm...well weeks now.
Let me explain: Patrick's band records a new CD at the moment and futhermore poor Patrick has to go on a little business trip on Sunday, so he'll be away almost all weekend.
I decided to not hang around and be lazy like last week, but to keep me entertained myself somehow when I'm on my own. However I couldn't make costly plans because it's the end of the month, I'm sure you know what I mean ;)

shirt: gina tricot cardi, skirt & headband: h&m tights: accessorize

So, my weekend plan is as follows: today I already took new photos for my DaWanda shop and I'm going to edit them tonight to wake The Little Owl Vintage from its hibernation. Can't wait to see how the item photos turned out with my new DSLR, I hope they will make the shop look much better.
Tomorrow I want to go to a fleamarket, which is my cheaper alternative to a shopping spree in the city (I hope my budget will take it) and when I'm back home the afternoon will be spend on trying out a recipe for strawberry tiramisu, yum! In the evening I plan to curl up on the sofa and watch a nice movie or TV.
And on Sunday I'll have a few hours with Patrick before he leaves for Bremen and then I'll have to clean up a bit and do laundry and stuff. Maybe - if there's something left of my weekend budget - I'll go to the cinema and watch Black Swan.
Ah this will be a nice weekend with me, myself and I, can't wait :)

♥ ring: six

The outfit is from yesterday, a normal uni day. I had to face a bad hair day in the morning and decided to turn it into an intended messy hair day. Thank God at uni it doesn't matter what I look like (there's always someone looking worse than oneself).
With the messy hair I got the idea of a somewhat glamrock-ish look with the sequined shirt, floral skirt and with the leo cardi. The combo turned out pretty cool, especially with some plain black boots that can't be seen on the photos because I'm still struggling with my zoom lens hehe.
I found this cute little shirt at Gina Tricot the other day while I was trying on some things in the changing room. The girl before me had left a dozen shirts and dresses in there, so I looked through the stuff and voilà: there was this shirt.
I'm not a big fan of sequins, but they're black and not too many, so that's okay with me. And it was only 5€! Nothing to complain about :)

Btw I also kept some pieces of my H&M online order:

♥ bangle bundle ♥ kitschy vintagey necklace ♥ nougat brown tights ♥ soft comfy jersey pants for summer (with animal pattern) ♥

And this is burger is the first one I've ever made myself in my life I was so proud :D I tried it out on Tuesday.
It's the "Big Kahuna Burger" (remember Pulp Fiction?) and it was delicious! Yum...

Btw how do you like my first DSLR photos? Aren't they much better than the old ones? :)

So I'll get down to work now and start editing the photos.
What are your weekend plans? Anything special? Or just slouching about?

Have a fantastic day!

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  1. You look so pretty! I like your skirt! :)

  2. You look so cute in this outfit. That skirt and that top - I die! Also your photos look so good now! I'm trying to learn how to work my light point and shoot camera. I'm hoping that will help with my quuality as well. And I'm glad you liked my new feature. I will try and keep it up. Sometimes it's amazing (and ridiculous) how someone from across the world can have an affect on how I dress!have a great weekend yourself ladee :)

  3. you look beautiful with a handband, really love this look! also, loved your idea of a weekend with you and yourself hahah! i think i'll be spending it in the same way :)

  4. super süßes outfit!

    den gleichen ro ck hatte ich bei h&m auch in den händen..

  5. Oh wow these photos you've taken with your new SLR are amazing!!! I love how fun this outfit is, it reminds me a little of Cassie from Skins, and I love the headband :D

  6. beautiful skirt!!!
    thank you for the comment!

  7. You look adorable....I think my daughter has that skirt..or one very much like it! Happy weekend and your burger looks amazing. xoxo

  8. Your pictures are so clear with the new camera! :) Awesome!
    And I think it's my turn for a lazy weekend! (Boyf is working/playing airsoft all day tomorrow.)
    I thought about going out to Value Village tomorrow. Thennnn I remembered the -30C weather and I didn't think I'd want to go out and wait for the bus if I didn't absolutely have to!!
    I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  9. The images on your blog are so inspiring! Great blog!

  10. OMG i literally drooled when I saw the photo of the burger. i was going to comment on your outfit...


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