Friday 7 January 2011

heart beat, stay heavy

Hi guys!

Oh I'm freaking out because of my camera again! Look at these photos, I mean how crappy the quality is! My cam, a Samsung S1060, has been a faithful companion for the last 3 years and was very patient with me and it survived all my moments of clumsiness when it fell to the ground a thousand times, BUT God it freaks me out.
It can actually take good pictures with the right light conditions, but it tends to overexpose eventhough I always adjust it to the light conditions manually.

Well, finally the time has come to put the Samsung into retirement. Of course I'll still keep it and I'll also use it from time to time, but next week it's going to be replaced by a DSLR.

♥ cardi, blouse & skirt: h&m ♥ belt: topshop via ebay ♥ necklace & tights: accessorize ♥ legwarmers: gift from a friend ♥ boots: vintage via ebay ♥

Tomorrow I'll take all the money I got for Christmas, pay it into my account and order this baby from Amazon. And I'll also order a coffee machine, so I can drink one cup after the other next month when it's exam time.
Concerning the camera I've red lots and lots of reviews and product description, compared prices, compared brands and whatnot and finally came to the decision that the Canon EOS Rebel XS seems to be a good buy. It's comparatively low priced, said to be a good cam for DSLR-noobs like me, easy to handle, provides some extra functions for when you want to deepen your knowledge about photography and it's small and lightweight.
Anyone of you has experience with the Canon EOS Rebel XS (1000D) and can tell me if it's a good choice?
I can't wait to try it out. At a pinch I can still send it back.

♥ necklace & tights both from the fabulous Accessorize sale :) ♥

Okay, enough camera bla bla for today. It's cold and it's raining outside and I'm hungry, so it's time to curl up on the sofa with some snacks and a movie. Oh by the way thanks a lot for all the movie recommendations from Tuesday, I added them to my movie-list :)

Have a lovely day!

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  1. oooh la la that's a super cute outfit!!
    the necklace rocks!!!! love it!!

  2. Ich mag dein outfit wie immer :-)

    Die bluse, strumpfhose und die kette ist der hammer.
    dir stehen röcke echt gut :-) hast die gerne an gell?

  3. Sorry about the camera, but man! You look amazing! I love the tights/socks combo.

  4. love the tights and the blouse xxx

  5. What a great outfit. I love the tights and necklace..very cool!

  6. I love your rose-print tights and polka-dot blouse! Both are so feminine and pretty.

    Congratulations on the new blogging camera! I'm just getting one and I'm so excited. : ) It's a bit of a learning curve but I bet it will turn out great for both of us.

  7. Hallo liebe Carina :)

    ich hoffe Dir gehts gut?!

    jaja sind wir nicht alle ein bisschen "rockstar" :)))) haha

    Ey übrigens....tolles Outfit....besonders die Strumpfhose fällt dabei ins Auge - die ist total süß :)

    Schlaf gut + Küsschen

  8. Too bad you have to replace your camera, the one that you one to buy looks pretty awesome though...
    Adorable tights and cardigan.

  9. Ohje soviel Geld auf einmal ausgeben schmerzt doch immer ein bisschen. Ich weiß noch als ich meinen Laptop gekauft habe und 800€ auf einmal weg waren. Aber es lohnt sich ja meistens, wenn man sich vorm Einkauf gut informiert.
    Die Kette ist ja allerliebst.

  10. yay for the dslr! love your tights.

  11. Cool outfit! Gorgeous tights! And your so lucky getting a DSLR, i reaaally want one, haha. :)

    My new blog, i'd love if you could follow:

  12. Your tights looks amazing. Really love it.

  13. cute outfit!!
    I'm throwing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to participate dear :)

  14. Mir gefällt dein blog einfach, dewegen habe ich dir einn award verliehen...

    schau einfach auf meine seite :-)

  15. Hey! I've had 1000D for a year & two months, & I'd say it's a GREAT choice! I <3 it, you won't regret getting it.

  16. Your tights are really pretty :)

  17. hey, das ist ja aufregend, dass du eine Spiegelreflex bestellst! Du wirst bestimmt einen riesigen Unterschied bei deinen Fotos bemerken!!
    mensch, hast du ein gutes Gedächtnis, dass du das noch weißt. :) Wir waren in den Ferien dort um ein bisschen rumzulaufen und die Wohnheime anzuschauen. Wir haben bei ein paar Leuten geklingelt, die uns erstaunlicherweise reingelassen haben und uns die Küche und so gezeigt haben. Ich würde übelst gerne im Oktober dann anfangen dort zu studieren.

  18. Love your sweet outfit! How I want a DSLR too, but unfortunately I can't afford it!

    I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. Take a peak at my blog!

  19. absolutely adorable outfit doll!!! i can't wait to see the photos from your new camera, it bet you're so excited! when i got my SLR i cried hahaha.


  20. thnx for your lovely comment dear:)how about follow each other through bloglovin & google:)??xx

  21. the blouse and cardi are both so pretty! love em :)

  22. You look really pretty. The outfit's great. And your necklace is love. xo. :)


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