Monday 3 January 2011

new year's eve

Hi guys!

Happy (belated) new year to all of you! I hope you had a great NYE!
I'm a bit late with my outfit photos from Friday, but it was so nice to just hang around at home and do nothing after this long night yesterday.

We spent NYE at a friend's apartment with some of the guys from Patrick's band. It was a theme party, as I told you the theme was glamour and I had a hard time looking glamourous because I just can't pretend to be something I'm not. However my outfit turned out pretty chic, I was content with it because I had not expected that it would look so good.
I think it's a good choice to go for a kinda chic men's wear look if you feel out of place in glitter dresses ;)

♥ blazer, belt & flower hairclip: h&m ♥ blouse: gina tricot ♥ pants: new yorker ♥ shoes: fifth avenue ♥ jewelry: accessorize ♥

Unfortunately I don't have good photos of the party itself because my camera once again couldn't handle the bad light conditions indoors. Furthermore I don't even know some of the people in the photos, so I'd find it rude to upload them without permission.
It was a nice evening, but nothing really special. There were snacks and drinks and chit-chat, but basically we we're just standing or sitting around and waiting for 2011.
Now we are thinking about going on vacation next year over the Christmas time and NYE to avoid this everlasting vicious circle of high expectations followed by disillusionment. It's always like "Yeah new year's Eve will be great!" and then afterwards "Ehm it was lame...".
I must admit I enjoyed all the well-dressed men though, I like men in suits.

At midnight I went outside to ignite my family-friendly children's firework because I'm afraid of the real stuff with explosions and sparks and all. I especially hate these insanely loud firecrackers that can make you deaf at the drop of a hat and I almost freaked out when some people started throwing them from the balcony. Oh that makes me aggressive... but I calmed down after midnight.

Btw I ruined my new shoes in the snow slush because on Friday of all days the snow started melting.
Oh and I officially admit defeat! I can't wear high heels longer than an hour! I don't know how all you ladies out there walk in high heels everyday, do you have fakir feet? Or are they numb?
I don't know, I simply can't stand it. I wore these shoes all night and thought my feet would just fall off afterwards when I took the shoes off in the car. I swore to myself I will only wear them again if I know I'll be sitting most of the time. Kudos to all of you that are living in high heels but I love me my comfy sneakers ;)

How was your NYE?

Have a great day and a good start into the first week of 2011!

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  1. love your look! the hairdo rocks!! hope your 2011 is filled up with joy :)

  2. I love this androgynous look on you! You did menswear chic so well, you look amazing. Your hair is gorgeous too!
    Happy new year!
    I have to say, I'm split down the middle, some days I can live in heels, or I can party in them, other days my feet are so sore after about 10 minutes!
    Did you make any new years resolutions?

  3. Happy New Year!

    I can't wear heels for longer than half an hour unless I'm sitting down most of the time while I wear them :P I really don't know how other girls do it, my feet just die otherwise!
    I love your menswear inspired outfit, you look so great in trousers because you're tall, I can never pull the look off because I'm so short :P

  4. Oh das ist so ein tolles Outfit. Echt eins deiner besten bis jetzt!

  5. Froher neues! schoenes outfit! Ich habe schon seit etwa 4 jahren keine high heels mehr getragen!

  6. Dein Outfit für Silvester ist einfach der Hammer !!

    Das Outfit sieht so stimmig uns elegant aus !

    So einen Blazer suche ich auch noch...

  7. ganz, ganz, ganz tolles outfit!!!

  8. You look fantastic in this menswear inspired look!

  9. absolutely love the trousers. really nice

  10. hello, lovelie - i totally IN LOVE with this menswear-outfit!!! what a whimsical addition with the side pony and head piece!

    i hope you had a great holiday time, xx

  11. Happy New Year.
    You looked amazing lady! Love love how your nye outfit turned out.

    I feel you about the high heels, my feet weren't my friend after nye either...

  12. Im scared of fireworks too!!! Loving the outfit dear!

  13. Wow you looked stunning...i am like you not thentype to dress up too much so a man styled outfit is a good choice for us casual girls.
    And that thing about new years eve and high expectations....i feel the same every year the day after another lame party just like this year.
    Anyway, Happy New year dear, may all your dreams come true!


  14. A very chic outfit and lovely hair-do :)


  15. I'm impressed all over again! Your outfit and look is to die for, and I super adore your hair-do! I have problems with heels as well, I can't even manage walking in 3 inches, and always love my flats! (: lol

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  16. you look amazing!Like the blazer <333 stop by sometime:) love to hear from you !!:)

  17. Gosh, pity me I cant see any picture in your blog.
    It is written "this image or video has been moved or deleted"



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