Tuesday 12 October 2010

the weekend

Hi guys!

I hope you had a nice weekend? At the moment I'm pretty busy preparing everything for tomorrow, it's my first day of this year's winter semester. I'm sorting out old folders and so... Of course I procrastinated and procrastinated and now I have to do this at the 11th hour, typical ;)

On the photos you can see what I wore today, it's a kind of fall uniform so to speak. The scheme is skirt with belt, tucked in shirt, scarf, cardi, tights, boots. I catch myself using this scheme a lot for transition outfits, especially on these days when I don't feel inspired for a cool look at all. Do you guys have a certain dressing scheme for the different seasons too?

cardi + tights: gina tricot, skirt + belt + shirt + scarf: h&m, necklace + bag: accessorize, boots: bullboxer

So instead of telling you about my day (which was pretty boring anyway), I show you the photos of my weekend. Saturday was moving house day with Mum and yesterday was fleamarket day with friends.

Saturday - moving day, my oh my, so many boxes...
(I couldn't take many photos because we had so much else to do)

boxes and boxes and boxes.....

Patrick was still tired ;)

My Mum and her first X-mas deco for the new house

The son of Mum's boyfriend mowed the lawn in the new mini garden :)

Sunday - selling knick-knack at the fleamarket from 7.30 am to 4 pm
(dang I had not gotten up on a Sunday so early for years)

our stand (we were 5 people so the space rental wasn't that expensive)

our stuff was the most colourful of all :)

Of course I couldn't help strolling along the other stands myself too. I found two nice items:

A wooden kitty cat for our shelf in the living room...

... and a great gift for my father (he's going to celebrate his birthday next weekend). My Dad loves old promotional tin-plate signs and he also loves jeeps, so I killed two birds with one stone with this find.

Happy Monday my dear readers! :)

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  1. Ohhh your new Gina Tricot cardigan is so lovely and looks so wonderfully cosy for autumn :D

  2. Awesome outfit! Thanks for following my blog! Gonna follow back!


  3. you look so great in this outfit! I love your blue cardigan! xxx

  4. Hey! I like your outfit alot, I like your "scheme!" I usually wear pants, and more so in the winter, because I find tights so uncomfortable! How do you wear them all the time? I wore a skirt today, with tights, and the skirt kept bunching up as I walked because it stuck to the tights... :S Grrr! It was so awkward!
    I hope your mom is happy in her new house :)
    I left you more comments at my blog!

  5. I love your tights and boots! That flea market looks so fun. : o

    That is so, so many boxes! I don't think I have a 1/10th of that when I move... but I am one girl and not a whole household.

  6. OMG - you totally made me wanting to go for the winter now! so cazy and great mixtures of patterns ...

    btw: it would be totally lovely if you can support my designs on talenthouse.com for nine west creative invite by voting via your facebook?
    here is link to my post with details, thanks a bunch in advance, xx


  7. I love layering this time of year because the weather has been so unpredictable! It will be cold then hot in a short amount of time!
    That is a cute wooden cat you got found!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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