Saturday, 9 October 2010

microsleep + new hair

Hi guys!

Heyy 95 followers, wow thanks for your support! Welcome new readers! I'm planning another giveaway when we reach 100 :)

Oh my God it was such an odd day... I felt like life and everything that happened just passed me by and I didn't realize a thing. Yesterday evening I took an allergy tablet and dang was I tired today! I don't know what they put into these tiny little pills but you could make a fortune with selling it as a drug on the black market. No kidding, they must consist of 90% tranquilizer and 10% whatever makes an allergy go away.

shirt + cardi: promod, skirt: 2nd hand via ebay, scarf: h&m, belt: thrifted, tights: department store, boots: vintage via ebay, bag: j'aime la vie, ring: six

So I was in the office today from 9 to 2 and I got nothing done because I was so dead tired. About lunchtime I started to have these microsleep moments, awesome... Then it was completely over with my concentration. I went to the toilet and locked me in to close my eyes for a few minutes and actually almost fell asleep there! That was enough, I called it a day, promised to make up for it next week and went home.
Back home I had a yummy steak and cheese subway for lunch and then I immediately fell asleep until Patrick woke me up when he came home from work. I slept 3 hours and now I'm still tired though. Killer tablets!

flower clip: accessorize, messy braid: it was very windy ;p

tihi I couldn't resist, that's my badtastesandwich (which didn't taste bad at all!!!)

And now for something different: New hair! Well, not really new but shorter. I went to the hairdresser on Tuesday but I first wanted to catch up with posting my outfits where I had longer hair, so I had to keep quiet about it until now :)
The stylist cut off all the dry split ends and my hair finally looks better again, a haircut was so overdue.

I wish you all a great weekend! I'll probably be back on Sunday with photos of my mum's moving house action. And on Sunday I'll sell some stuff with a friend at the fleamarket which will be fun too :)

Oh and last but not least: look at this funny gif! I stumbled upon it at Photobucket and died laughing cause it's so cool! The dancing sausage :D

(via denistephenson)

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  1. Your hair looks so nice and shiny and fresh :)

    ...and BAHAHAHA that sausage clip is funneh!!

  2. Great outfit! I love the color of your tights! I saw a romper that was that color today. I wanted to buy it!
    Your hair looks great! I love getting a hair cut because my hair always feels so much healthier after.
    Allergy pills have the same effect on me too! I just try to stay away from them!
    If you don't have a Starbucks where you are to get a pumpkin spice latte, you should definitely try making your own! They are sooo good. Here is a recipe from All Natural Annie:

  3. Oh they have this at Starbucks? That's good then I can go there and try it!
    Thank you very much for the recipe dear, maybe I'll try it when I see that I like the Starbucks version :)

  4. Sehr schick. Dein Outfit sieht sehr harmonisch aus. Dein neuer Haarschnitt ist wirklich schick.

  5. sehr schönes Oufit :)

  6. Lovely new hair and of course outfit. I really like that skirt, I definitely have a thing for exposed zippers :)

  7. your hair looks great, I need to go to a hairstylist myself!! :S your outfit is great too, wanna steel those boots, I need one just like those! :P

    and I almost died laughing too, when I saw that sausage! LOL!!! XD

  8. i love your new hair and your outfit! you look gorgeous!!
    everyone i know is so tired around this time of year! i know i am too!
    i hope you have a great week love, you look stunning!

    lyndsey of


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