Tuesday, 19 October 2010

in the studio

Hi guys!

These photos are from Saturday but I wanted to upload the Sunday brunch photos from yesterday first so that my posts are not completely out of chronological order.
Well, so here are the Saturday photos. I actually wore this to my Dad's birthday party, but afterwards Patrick and me visited a friend in the recording studio. The boys worked on some new songs for their band so I had enough time to roam around the studio and take some photos.

dress: paparazzi (2nd hand via ebay), cardi + circle scarf: h&m, belt: new yorker, necklace: six, tights: accessorize, boots: vintage via ebay

I apologize for the blurry pictures, the light was strange, but I like how the shots turned out though. And the studio was so much cooler for the photos than my kitchen. There are mostly drums in the photos because the owner of the studio is a professional drummer, but the room with the red carpet is a big rehearsal room for his whole band. Neither can I sing nor can I play an instrument, but posing between the microphones and amps was fun :)

Here are some more photos from the studio rooms:

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Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Sehr schick! Der Raum sieht wirklich total interessant aus. Mal ne ganz andere Kulisse für tolle Fotos!


  2. you look lovely. I love the khaki green and black together. Also, I love the pictures! The background looks really good with your outfit shots.

  3. Hey Girl, wow I love these pics! I really love the one where your at an angle!
    Happy Birthday to your Dad :)

  4. Schöne Bilder! Dein Jäckchen ist wunderschön.

  5. ich glaube, dies ist eines des besten outfits, welches du jemals gepostet hast!

  6. vielen, vielen dank für dein netten kommentar <3 :)

  7. Aaah.. du schaut soo süß aus :) tolle jacke und einfach tolles outfit, steht dir wundervoll ;)

  8. Thats beautiful!
    Den Cardigan muss ich wohl am Wochenende mal näher begutachten gehen. Sag mal hält der auch warm?


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