Friday, 1 October 2010

packing life into boxes

Hi guys!

Yesterday after work I took the train home to my Mum to help her pack the moving boxes today. I arrived at 6.30 pm and was able to watch a beautiful sunset over the fields and villages (tried to take some photos from inside the train and when I got out at the cute mini station in the village Baal). It's so nice to take the RE4 train from Düsseldorf to Baal because it's a kind of chill out train ride from the city to the country: only very few passengers, always enough free seats and a wonderful view out the window that changes from urban to suburban to rural landscape within about 50 minutes :)

Since I live in the city I've always looked forward to coming home to the countryside (of course before as a teenager I hated living there haha) but this time I even felt a bit melancholic because it was the last time I travelled home to my Mum. Next week she moves to a suburb of Cologne and away from this tiny one-horse-town that has been my home for 24 years now (I moved out 4 years ago but it still stayed my real home in my mind). I'm happy for my mum, soon she don't has to live alone in the big house anymore but for me it's hard to let go of the house resp. the whole place where I spent my childhood. I'm not one of those kids who had to move several times in their life, I was always in one and the same place so I have a relation to this place, to the house, to the village, to the people.

dress: 2nd hand via ebay, cardi (invisible under the jacket) + jeans: h&m, belt: topshop via ebay, jacket: zara, shoes: thrifted, scarf: accessorize, ring + necklace: six, bag: j'aime la vie

I hope this doesn't come across too dramatic because it's not :) I'm okay, I just catch myself sighing more often than usual but this will pass. It actually is a pleasant change in my Mum's life so of course I support her as good as I can.

Oh and now I have some more cat photos for you! The neighbour's kitty cat Luna and her cute little playmate came to visit me in the frontyard so I took some photos of them as long as I still had the chance to. Hehe I know I always get you guys out there with cat photos right? Enjoy ;)

Look how cute she is! She looks as if she's stoned :D

Have a nice day! Happy (belated) Thursday ;)

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  1. Gorgeous photos of you and cute felines!

  2. love your jacket and jewellery and the photo of the "stoned" kitty really made me laugh haha! :)

  3. I am lucky in that my parent's are holding on to the house I grew up in. Going "home" is always such a nice feeling! I understand completely where you're coming from. It will pass, though, and I'm sure your the new place will be just as home-y! I do love your dress and belt! I am so into black on black right now.

  4. Your jewelry is so beautiful! I love that necklace so much!

  5. I can understand your sadness, your childhood home is a special place. You will always have the memories. You look really cute - your jewelry is lovely!

  6. Wie immer ein tolles Outfit. Der Schmuck gefällt mir besonders gut :-)

  7. sounds like it was a full on day for you - lovely outfit, and loving all the pics of cats <3

  8. I so understand how you feel...i think it would be very sad..I know the day my parents move it will be hard for me.

    You look adorable once again.

    Hugs...I am sure it is very hard for your mom too. xoxox

  9. Hi lovelies!

    Thank you very much for the comments! Yes it's sad for Mum and me, but as I said we can also be happy. Mum doesn't have to sleep alone in the big house anymore (she's so scared, she locks herself in every night) and I'm glad she finally took the next step in her relationship because that really means the divorce lies in the past but now comes the future with her new boyfriend ;)

    Thank you again and have a nice day!


  10. ahh its the opposite with me , when i am kid , i have moved so many times , its like every time when i start to feel comfy or adapting with a new house/ neighbourhood/ school we have to move again , i guess its because we don't own a house of our own , i don't really like remembering my childhood memories

    anyway u look great and i love the photos of the cats , esp the black one with white paws haha i am crazy over black cats

  11. Love all the layers and kitties!!!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  12. Tolle Accessoires. Ich liebe alles was nach Vintage aussieht ^^ Und Katzen!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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