Thursday 14 October 2010

knick-knack shopping

Hi guys!

This month's budget allowed me to go on another shopping spree today (thank God there was the possibility to work more hours in the semester break). But I didn't only buy stuff for myself, I was also looking for some nice little somethings for my father's and a friend's birthday this and next week. So after uni I headed to the mall...

...and I found some very cute things :)

For myself:

everything h&m (hooray for their sale)

tights and belts: new yorker, necklace: bijou brigitte

For our apartment:

mug, jar + twigs: nanunana, fig cones: das depot

The twigs now turn this simple vase into an eyecatcher (well, at least I hope they do). I saved the vase from the trash can when my mother moved, it's from my old children's room and used to be a liqueur bottle :)

The lovely little jar bears the scented jar candles company on our kitchen sideboard now. I need to buy a pillar candle for it tomorrow.

Look at this adorable plastic bag I got at Nanunana! I love pugs :D

For others:

both items from das depot

The dog is for my Dad's garden or conservatory, isn't it adorable? :) I'll giftwrap it together with the Landrover sign I got for him the other day.
And the natural instant cocoa is for a friend of mine. We actually give her money for a trip to Munich, but I thought this cocoa-spoon-thingy would make the envelope look nicer.

What I didn't buy:

These are clothes that I fell in love with when I saw them on the hanger but then when I tried them on I wasn't sure. What do you think?

I looove the print! But bodycon dresses are not very flattering for my lovehandles :-/

Sailor stripes yay! But to me it seemed like it looked a bit awkward with and without the belt because of the oversized cut?!

Adorable dress right? It was a tad too tight, so I could only wear it when standing. When I sat down on the little stool the fabric was pretty tight in the stomach area (note to self: 50 sit-ups everyday won't hurt...).

Soo that's what I did/bought/didn't buy today :)
Hope you like it!
Tomorrow I'll be a little artsy fatsy, so come around and take a look if you like ;)

Happy Thursday!

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  1. die gürtel und der apfel-geldbeutel sind voll süß:)

    für nur 4 bis 5 euro? wow! das ist ja spitze:)

  2. Ohhh so cute :) love that stripey top! x

  3. wow thats a lot of stuff i am so broke this month i can hardly afford anything anymore lol

    as for the stuff u didnt buy i really like the last dress, it doesn't look tight in the photo but in the end glad u didn't get it if you're not comfortable in it

  4. Hihi die khakifarbene Bluse hab ich letzte Woche in rosa gekauft. Ebenfalls im Sale für 10€. Bei dem Blumenoberteil habe ich auch überlegt. Aber habs dann auch hängen lassen. Meine Regel ist immer: Hey wenn du dich nicht auf anhieb wohl darin fühlst, dann lass es. Nichts ist schlimmer, wenn man sich erst an ein Teil gewöhnen muss. Dann strahlt man das nämlich auch aus!

  5. Die Leggings schaut echt gut aus! Tolle sachen die du dir gekauft hast ;)
    :-* <3

  6. das kleid vom letzten bild sieht zu süss aus :)


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