Saturday 23 October 2010

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Hi guys!

It's so amazing how many new followers I got with the giveaway, that's awesome! Hello new readers, thanks for your interest! I hope you'll stay after the giveaway ends ;)

Well, today I have a little collection of food photos for you.
First you have to know that I'm not a good cook at all and that - unfortunately - I don't even like cooking, it's just no fun to me. So you could rather call me a snacker who eats lots of small portions during the day instead of 3 main meals.
Hence I like it when my mini meals are ready in no time ;) Furthermore I promised myself to pay attention to eating a bit more healthy stuff because I don't want to gain even more weight than I already have now.
So, if you're a snack-lover too and if you're always looking for more snack inspiration (I do!), maybe you'll like this:

salad toasties

Uncomplicated healthy little snack for in-between.

You need:

mini toasty-breads
salad of your choice
feta or mozarella cheese

You simply have to put the salad and cheese into the toasties and put everything into the pre-heated oven for a few minutes.
The rest of the salad can be used as "side dish" ;)

"Strammer Max" (bread with ham and scrambled eggs)

A hearty little snack that doesn't take more than 10 minutes.

In the Rhineland where I live here in Germany we call this "Strammer Max", I have no idea about the real name of it ;)

You need:

ham and cheese
bread or toast
salt and pepper

Crack the eggs (as many as you like) into a bowl and whisk them with some milk until it has a creamy texture. Season to taste with the salt and pepper.
Put it into a pan and fry it.
(I guess you all know how to make scrambled eggs anyway ^^)

Put the cheese and ham on two slices of bread or toast and spread the scrambled eggs all-over.
Add ketchup if you like (that's what I always do).

banana cornflakes

Easy-peasy and done in two minutes.

Ehm well, yes,... cornflakes, milk, banana slices, that's it ;)
And of course you can use all kinds of other fuits too.

rice stew with vegetables

Another super-easy meal for lazy people.

You need:

boil-in-the-bag rice
deep-frozen vegetables "asia style"
soy sauce

Cook the rice. Put the vegetables into a pan and fry them until they're defrosted. Season to taste with soy sauce (and/or other spices if you like).

open focaccia

Almost the same as the salad toasties above.

You need:

focaccia to crisp up
(available in the supermarket here)
cold cuts

Put the cold cuts into the focaccia and crisp it up in the oven. That's it, haha.

As you could see I'm not a cook at all, so all you awesome talented housewives please don't laugh at me ;) I hope you liked my attempts on mini meals though.

Do you guys have some snack recipes for me? I'm always open to new ideas :)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. i'm so hungry right now! yumm... =)

  2. das sieht großartig aus! lecker!

  3. banana corn flakes looks so yummy ! :)
    you make me hungry now :(

  4. Boah sieht alles voll lecker aus. Ich versuche auch seit einigen Monaten mehr mit frischen Zutaten zu kochen und ich kann dir sagen, es lohnt sich! Du wirst dich nach und nach besser fühlen!

  5. ow my, you just made me so hungry!

  6. Mmmh, lecker. Einmal die salad toasties zum mitnehmen bitte. Haha.

  7. Omgosh, these snacks look so delicious! Thank you for sharing ur snack ideas w/us:)

  8. I am definately going to try make the salad toasty sometime soon, only I am a huge mozzarella addict so I would put muuuuch much more mozarella in mine, YUM!!


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