Thursday, 21 October 2010

pastels and polkadots

Hi guys!

I haven't shown you this jacket before, somehow there wasn't a chance to take a photo of it yet. So today I thought it's about time. I bought it at H&M online a few months ago, they had it in the shops as well and I had a crush on it :) But somehow I knew they would move it to the sale section at the end of summer and voilà I got it in their summer sale for 30% off.
It really actually is a summer jacket but with a cozy cardi or sweater underneith it works as a transition jacket too. Plus the lovely lavender shade rather spreads spring feelings than autumn vibes, so it maybe even makes you feel warmer?! No unfortunately it doesn't, I'm just kidding ;)

jacket + scarf + jeans: h&m, shoes: head, beanie: accessorize

What do you think about pastel colours for fall? I don't think it really fits but I like it anyway. I even happened to choose a matching nail polish two days ago eventhough I didn't know what I'd wear today :)

flower brooch (on the beanie): claire's, ring: six, nail polish: P2 "rich 'n royal" (some kinda taupe)

Hey you know what? Halloween is drawing nearer and I actually didn't plan something special. As you might know the Halloween celebrations here in Germany are not cherished as much as in the USA and so all of my friends feel to grown-up to dress up and party (dorks...). Anyway, Patrick will be at work on Halloween, so I thought I'd spend my evening on the sofa with lots of horror movies.
BUT now it looks as if I'll get my dressing up and celebrating Halloween after all! If everything goes well I'll spend Halloween dressed up as a zombie nurse at the Warner Brothers Movie World (a theme park)! How cool is that?! :)

By the way there is a Halloween costume contest on Photobucket at the moment and I tell you they have absolutely awesome photos!
I died laughing when I saw these:

(via germanpacer)

(via averyreppel)

(via cmrojas_2006)

There are many more awesome costumes, you should really go take a look, it's great fun :)

Have a nice Thursday!

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  1. Ich liebe deine Jacke! :) Schaut sehr schick aus ;) kussi.

  2. SUPER outfit!!! :)
    ich liebe die farbkombi! erfrischend anders!

  3. Dein Mäntelchen ist süß und dein Schal auch und deine Posen sind auch immer lustig.
    Chucky - die Mörderpuppe ist ja goldig. Er sieht so aus, ob der gleich anfängt zu weinen. Oh ... ich liebe ihn:)

  4. Sehr süß. Den Mantel mag ich ja richtig und den gepunktete Schal passt echt super dazu.

    Du kombinierst deine Kleider immer so toll <3
    Ich schau wirklich gerne in deinen Blog. :-)

  5. Aach das ist so lieb von euch Mädels, dankeschön! :) Und bisher nur deutsche Kommentare, das ist auch eine Premiere in meinem Blog :)

  6. I love your jacket! And I dunno, I think pastel for fall just might work! I really adore your scarf too, the colour looks so good with your jacket.
    I can't wait for halloween either!
    hope you enjoy it

  7. Die ältesten Kleider sind wirklich die Besten. Morgen geh ich richtig shoppen ,danke nochmal für deine tipps !

  8. Did you see my reponse to your Q on mine?
    I LOVE Hallowe'en too! I just saw some pics on one girls blog of her Hallowe'en decor, so I'm thinking of putting a few pics up of ours :) I rarely dress up though. Do you decorate for Hallowe'en? Are there many Hallowe'en-y things available to buy in stores in Germany?

  9. I love the jacket! I always love your style! The color is great on you!
    Oh, can't wait to see your pics of your Zombie Nurse!
    gi gi

  10. Ohh that coat is such a gorgeous color, H&M always get it so right *sigh* And that beanie with the gorgeous flower brooch is just adorable, you look so cute in it :D

  11. Der Mantel ist sehr süss!

    Die Kostüme sind super. Ich glaub, ich geh auch als Frank'n'Barbie im Karton/Sarg ^^

  12. Lovely outfit! Loving the barbies lol xo

  13. I love that jacket!! I have the same one but mine is military green :) It sort of works as a transition jacket but it's now waaay to cold for anything less than winter coats :(

    I have no official plans for halloween but I am trying to get some friends together for scary films and wine (warm cider..) Hope your plans for dressing up works out, and have a fabulous weekend my love!

  14. Aww, cute ring :) and those Barbie pictures are so funny! Love it!

  15. Wow! That jacket is so lovely!
    I really like the shape and the lavender is such a beautiful color to look at during the cooooold winter! ^^

    Thanks for the comment! =D

  16. Cute jacket! I especially love your accessories! The ring are scarf are adorable :]


  17. Sehr hübsche Jacke! Mal eine erfrischende Abwechslung zu den dunklen Herbsttönen der meisten Mäntel. Den Ring hab ich auch! :)


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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