Wednesday 27 October 2010

running errands in the rain

Hi guys!

God, it was the nastiest fall weather today! Cold wind and heavy rain all day and I hadn't expected it and was so smart to put on a dress in the morning aaah.

I had to skip uni today because of a doctors-marathon - literally. I've been having these allergy symptoms for weeks now (irritated eyes, blocked nose, shortness of breath) but pollen time is over, so I was wondering what else it could be? Well, the allergist found out that I reacted pretty intense on the test for house dust mites and as they're primarily located in the bed, they are the reason why I get these allergy attacks almost every evening! Ugh! I don't even want to think about these disgusting tiny little critters and that they are in my bed :-/
Anyway, now my health insurance provides me with special allergy-tested bed linen that can be put under the normal sheets to keep the critters inside so that they won't come out and bother me.
Afterwards I had to head to two other doctors to take care of some paperwork (how I love German bureaucracy...).

dress: joe brown's via ebay, coat + circle scarf + belt: h&m, cardi + tights: gina tricot, boots: bullboxer, necklace: accessorize

And then the weather... I love this dress so much but it really wasn't the right choice for wind and rain. Some weeks ago I styled this dress for a cloudy late summer's day and today I wanted to try out if it's fit for fall too. Well, it is but rather for warmer fall days I guess. However my new favourite tights were perfect: I wore them with two pairs of skin coloured ones underneith and my legs felt warm. Great! :)

ring: six

I also took some photos with my mobile when I was out and about, so here they are:

a whole bike covered with fake fur! (advertising gag of a fabric shop)

this is what Düsseldorf city looks like in fall

I found this lovely skater dress at Gina Tricot, now I'll have to consider if it's worth 30
€ or if I should wait for their sale.

Aw I'm so obsessed with dresses lately. Before I had this skirt phase but now I want to own many many dresses, so I'm trying to restock my closet with them :) The good thing about buying dresses in a transition season is that you look for pieces that are at best suitable for warm and cold weather. So do you remember the H&M floral dress I had a crush on the other day? I finally bought it. Furthermore I got two hats and some lovely pyjama pants because the weather made me feel like I had to stock up on cozy things.

everything H&M (okay I know the shoes aren't cozy but they were in the sale for 3€, so whatever ^^)

gorgeous florals! (pyjama pants left, dress right, both H&M)

I got three of these adorable panties for 10€ at Hunkemöller (their underwear is so super-comfy, so I wear it to sleep)

Sale bargain! This Pocahontas-style necklace was 3€ (it's from Six).

AND last but not least I felt like stocking up on handbags for fall. I redeemed this beauty as a chic reward from Chictopia and I had these two in the mail today (both purchased via Ebay for 1€ + shipping each):

black vintage fake leather teacher's bag

brown/green/darkblue vintage purse

Ah sorry, lots and lots of shopping today. I hope you liked the post though.

Do you feel/have you felt like stocking up on any special items for fall lately? Does the weather make you buy things? :)

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Wow, you really got a lot of shopping done today, but you totally deserve it especially after seeing 3 doctors! You look really cute, but as you said, the dress is probably better suited for warmer autumn days. Also I looove loove loove those bags you redeemed with your chic points.

    I want to stock up on sweaters, jumpers and other goodies that make layering easy when the weather gets even colder :p

    Lastly, thanks for your comment on my last post, it was great and made me not feel like a crazy person for feeling like that!


  2. great knit and bags at the end of the post there :) x

  3. That dress may be cold, but I love it on you! I hope your doctor appointments pay off! get well soon.

  4. That sucks, that you're allergic to dust mites. I hope the linens help!
    That bike covered in fur looks so cool. Also, I love the hats and bags you bought.

  5. So many wonderful things about this post, except the allergy and dust mites!
    Love your super fun outfit, oh love the tights!
    Thank you for sharing the pic of Germany, very pretty!
    Iowa is cold and nasty today too, very very windy!
    Anyways have a great day!

  6. Love the mix of prints and textures :) The cardigan looks especially warm and plush! Sorry to hear about the allergies :( I hate when that happens to me. Just can't stop sneezing and coughing! Anyways, I hope you'll feel better soon :)

    Ok, I want that feathered necklace and the black structured satchel!<3

  7. Die schwarze Tasche ist ein Traum ;-) Allergien sind Mist, ich hab Heuschnupfen jedes Jahr ziemlich schlimm..aber bei mir gehts irgendwann weg. Kopf hoch! Ein Glück bist zu gleich zum Arzt!

  8. oooo i'm kind of in love with that dress! :)

  9. Well, there's nothing like a bit of shopping to make up for when you're not feeling your best, because that's what always works for me! Love all of the things you've bought, and that dress is indeed gorgeous. However, I always like to wait for something to go on sale, even if it means waiting a month or so, paying less when possible for something you love means that you have a bit of extra money aside to buy some cute other things too :P

  10. We have the exact same weather here! Boo! And it makes me buy sweaters, scarves, long sleeved shirts and corduroy pants. Hopefully I'll have a couple new outfits to post soon :) I really like your hats, they look so cozy n warm.

  11. Actually saw few first of your pictures at Chictopia and could never get enough of it! I love your style! Awhhhhh you got such an amazing purchases from H&M! Need to shop now! lol

    Have a more than great one, darl! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  12. Dein Kleidchen oben ist super süß!
    Ich liebe Kleider:)

  13. I LOVE the pants, bags , cardi and necklace
    really nice blog.


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