Monday 4 October 2010

sunday shopping

Hi guys!

The weekend is over again, I hate it when the free days go by so fast. But it was a nice weekend after all. I've been having this strange allergy for some days now and I don't know the reason for it yet (doctor appointment next week), so first it seemed that yesterday would be a bad day because I woke up looking like Quasimodo with one eye swollen and bigger than the other.
Fortunately after cooling it with a cold pack all morning it almost completely went back to its normal shape so I could get ready to go to the city with Patrick. He wanted some new shoes and a new bag and at least found a bag (this one in khaki) at the Carhartt store after running zig zag from shop to shop without getting some shoes. There were so many cool men's shoes! Keds and Nike and Pointer have so many freakin cool new models out, but none of them met Patrick's expectations.

blazer (handmade by seller): 2nd hand via ebay, shirt: element, pants: new yorker, belt: madonna, shoes: head, necklace: accessorize

Today the shops were open exceptionally (they're normally closed on Sundays in Germany), so I went to the city again to go on an extensive shopping spree for myself (Patrick left for work so I had all day). I bought some very nice autumn pieces and it seems my favourite colour was dark blue today. I sorted out lots of stuff for Ebay, so now I have to fill my closet with new pieces. That's what I love about personal style: it's everchanging.

Remember when I told you Gina Tricot would open a store in Düsseldorf? It opened yesterday! Damn I've never seen such a hype for a new store here. Yesterday they put up a waiting area in front of the store because it was overcrowded. You could only enter when some other persons came out. How crazy is that? I've never seen that before.
Today it was almost as crowded as yesterday but an hour before closing time I was able to enter without further ado. They have nice clothing and accessories and are (like the country manager said in an interview in the news) "similar to H&M but more stylish". The prices are similar to the Swedish competitor too, except for the ones for jewelry which are a bit higher. But I have to add that their jewelry is prettier than the H&M stuff.
I also visited H&M, Zara, Sacha, Accessorize, Promod etc. and I don't know if it's just me but I think everything is getting more and more expensive! It's unbelievable that you don't get simple basic t-shirts under 10 Euro. I don't want to sound chintzy but I remember times when you could get a basic shirt from H&M or Zara for 6,90 Euro or so.
Unfortunately my wage rate has not increased to keep up with the clothing prices yet. Thank God there's 2nd hand shops and Ebay aswell.

Anyway, here's what I got:

chunky knit granny cardi: gina tricot (19,95), oversized shirt (14,95) and circle scarf (12,95): h&m

pants (24,95) and belt (3): h&m, tights (9,95): gina tricot

butterfly ring (3,95) and pendant necklace (12,95): accessorize

Now I hope my Ebay auctions go well so that I get some extra money to restock my closet with some more stuff I want and need for fall/winter. But more about that tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. darling u poor thing , i hope the allergy is gone by now

    i love how u pair the blazer with the pants so edgy ! u rock on so many different styles , and its really inspiring

  2. Love the pants and gray shoes. I am also obsessed with the shade of blue in your new purchases.

  3. I hope your allergies get better, i seem to be having tons myself, blah... I love your finds, beautiful choices :) And your outfit, beautiful :)

  4. butterfly ring ist einfach bezaubernd!
    Deine Hose finde ich weniger schön. Ich stehe einfach nicht auf diese "ballon/pumphose"
    Damit sieht jeder irgendwie verbeult aus;))
    LG, emma

  5. I remember when tshirts were all 5 euros. and trainers were £25 (now about 50-60, typically!). I guess I'm a bit older than you! I can't see any of the pictures (am at work and the computer is blocking them) so I'm afraid I can't comment on your purchases, though I'm sure they're all lovely.

  6. I love it!!! :))) And also, I envy you your new buys soooo much!!! :D:D


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