Wednesday, 15 September 2010

work and procrastination

Hi guys!

I had a pretty boring day to day. I spend half the day in the office calling European companies to send them PDF files on a new conference. I had mostly UK companies on my list and for me as a German who has been learning English for 12 years now it's still hard to understand all the different accents. I almost died when I had to call Scottish Power and the switchboard lady said two sentences that sounded like one looong word to me :)

But no offence! I love to listen to different accents, especially to the UK ones and to Irish. It sounded too cute when the Scottish Power lady told me a telephone number that ended with as she said "zelo zelo".
And in the end she even said that she liked my accent. Until this moment I wasn't even aware of that I have an accent. But I was pretty proud to get such a compliment from a native speaker. I need to do a video post someday so you my lovely readers can tell me what accent I have.

blazer: ebay (handmade by seller), shirt + jeans + scarf: h&m, shoes: thrifted, bag: accessorize, necklace: sarah et pauline

Well, after work I went straight home because I had planned to finish a term paper. But then I first had to eat something and then I watched the new episode of Fringe and then I took photos for my online shop and now I'm blogging. I'm a brilliant procrastinator...
So I'll have to finish my term paper on Thursday when I don't have to go to work.

The shirt actually has this lovely ruffles on the front but they were hidden under my scarf all day.

Teehee kind of an outtake photo ;)

relaxing my legs on the balcony

Hope your day was more interesting? What did you do?

Happy Tuesday! :)

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  1. love the scarf and that key necklace is so cute xxx

  2. I really like your scarf! I have the same shirt in a dark lilac / purple. But I hardly ever wear it because I hate ironing the ruffles. Haha. Maybe I should give it a go again soon.

  3. When I first moved to Scotland, I thought people were maybe speaking a different language in the street, swedish or something, until I zoned in and then I could understand them. Now I am told I have a scottish accent and my own sister can't understand me when I speak english. My sister!

  4. Wie immer super schöne Bilder. Der Schal ist ja echt schön, die FARBEN harmonieren so toll. Wo kann man den so einen Schal kaufen ?

  5. Die Rüschen sind an der Naht am Schuh angenäht.Ich habe jetzt ein Foto geposted, dass du es dir nochmal anschauen kannst.

  6. loovveee your scarf. the whole outfit looks so lnice together and it really really suits you, you look great xx

  7. Really like the outfit, and I can't believe that blazer was handmade by the ebay seller, it's amazing! My Tuesday wasn't much more exciting than yours..sadly :(

  8. I love accents too :) my girlfriend who lives in Hamburg has a very cute accent, so i imagine yours is similar :)
    My day....? Oh just threatened to quit my job :S


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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