Tuesday 28 September 2010


Hi guys!

Today was one of those days that dragged on and on and on. I spent half the day at work, making phone calls to France and to the USA and updating the address data base.
This morning I literally dragged myself out of bed, I was so tired (hence the grumpy face when I took the photos haha). So I simply grabbed yesterday's outfit to wear it again but... the jeans were stained,... awesome. I put together a skirt-look instead and wore the dress as a blouse. I love it when clothes are remix-friendly and can be worn in many different ways :)

dress (worn as blouse) + belt: new yorker, skirt: zara, cardi: h&m, tights + socks: c&a, boots: bullboxer, necklace: accessorize

Well, I don't have much more to talk about today. As I said, the day was so boooring. I'll spend the rest of it watching TV and ironing the clothes (they've really been piling up since last week when I had to concentrate on my term paper). Isn't this interesting? The worries of a part-time housewive ;)

Ah well, maybe tomorrow is a better day. I hope you enjoy the bright outfit despite all my boredom-stories!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. thank you so so much! Your comment just made my day. no joke :)
    I had kind of a boring day too.
    Do you speak french? :)

  2. Ich kann das mit der part-time housewife gut nachvollziehen. Mein Bügelberg ist auch schon ganz schön hoch.
    Der gelbe Cardigan ist so richtig fröhlich. Wunderbar! :)

  3. what a cute combo of colors! yellow and blue and the printed shirt looks so fresh and bright!


  4. that owl necklace is ridiculously awesome!!


  5. Another super cute outfit! That is a great idea to wear a dress like a top! I can't wait to get out my boots, but it's still been too hot!

  6. hey!
    Yes, I live in Germany. :)

  7. oo so cute and gorgeously-lovely!

  8. Love those boots and oh - that necklace! Your outfits are always so well put together. I feel a bit like a slob ;-)

  9. I love the blue, yellow, brown vibe! :))

  10. Your owl necklace is so cute! I didn't notice it on Chictopia! I know what you mean about balancing life and school. This morning when I left for my 8:30 class I was wearing things I found on my floor. Hahahaha!

  11. Love the color combo! You paired the brown accessories with it so well! Very cute look girl :]


  12. LOVE the color of your cardigan, have wanted one in a color like that for so long, and the little own is the sweetest :D

  13. nee, ich bin Deutsch aber ich habe eine Zeit lang in Amerika gewohnt.


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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