Saturday 11 September 2010

playing tourist

Hi guys!

Remember when I told you about the city Bonn the other day? Well, I went there again today because of another appointment at the university hospital. Last time I promised you and myself to bring my camera to the next Bonn trip because it's such a beautiful place, so this time I really took a few photos (see further below) for you guys so you can see where I bang around from time to time ;)

dress: joe brown's via ebay, cardi: vintage, belt: h&m, scarf + bag + tights: accessorize, boots: bullboxer, jacket: zara

I finally took some outfit pics again aswell, it feels really good to dress to leave the house after this one week of bed rest! I absolutely had to wear my new dress so today was a good opportunity. I've had an eye on the dress at Ebay for months, there's a seller who offers the dress in different colours and sizes, but somehow I never won the auctions...until last week :) Now I got it and I'm so in love with it, the colours and pattern and cut are just perfect for me.

Alright, now here are some impressions of Bonn's pretty city centre:

one of the several old churches

Bonn is the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, they had these exhibition on the market square

the historic post office

some shopping streets there are roofed by these big trees which looks very nice

Beethoven street art

and this is Beethoven's house of birth

they renovate the front of the town hall at the moment

Some weird head sculpture lying around on a place (you see the people were pretty amazed haha)

Well, these are only some few impressions of what I saw today, there are lots of palaces and a beautiful botanical garden that I didn't visit because it would have been quite a march ;) Maybe if I go there next time.
Besides the sightseeing I also stopped by some shops to see if I could find something nice and... of course I found something. Sigh, it lies in the women's genes to always find something no matter if you need it or not:

A locket necklace and an owl brooch, oh Six has such a nice fall collection.

I snatched these cute shoes in a thrift shop and the tote bag at H&M.

Wow, pretty long post today, I hope you like all the photos and what I had to tell.

Have a great weekend! :)

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  1. That looks like such an amazing place, I love the town hall puzzle picture, that is so neat!

  2. what a beautiful place! I surely would love to visit there. and you look so gorgeous in your new dress deary! i'm glad you're feeling better too :)

    lyndsey of

  3. GREAT blog post!!! Gorgeous dress (it looks like it would be such a perfect summer dress!), lovely finds (those lockets are incredible, I wish they had something like this in the shops where I live) and I really really enjoyed looking at the architecture and landmarks in Bonn, you should definately do another post like this when you go somewhere, I love touristy posts :D

  4. Your photos are fantastic - looks like a great place to visit! and loving your boots x

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  6. Bonn ist wirklich eine schöne, historische Stadt. Dein Kleide gefällt mir sehr gut und den Mustermix von Schal und Kleid hast du wirklich sehr gut gemeistert.

  7. It's such a gorgeous place! I love old buildings, and you take such pretty little pictures. I enjoy little personal stories and stuff in blogs so it was nice that you took these pictures to show us.
    I really your dress too, the colours look so lovely on you.
    Great finds! Your new boots are so so cute. I never find good shoes when I thrift, you have a talent! hahaha.

  8. I ADORE YOUR POST! I actually want to study in Bonn. :D
    I love your jacket.

  9. Bonn is gorgeous! Your dress is lovely, and you can wear it in the summer too, right? XX!

  10. Your new necklace and brooch are so pretty!!! I love your boots and jacket, too!

    You can wear your new dress in both summer and fall! Those pictures of Bonn are quite pretty and do make me miss Germany. Oh, I hope I get to go back soon!

  11. oh! dearling - this is really a beautiful post! i always wanted to visit old european town- maybe one day i will stop by Bonn .... btw: i like the prints on your dress ... you look so cute, xx

  12. Pssst! I tagged you in a blog award thingy, come have a look :)

  13. What a lovely city! I really loved the tarp that was in front of the town hall :) I'm glad you're feeling better, it really sucks being ill (and bed-rest!) Also that dress is so cutem congrats on winning it on ebay - I always have problems with winning the auctions :/ xx

  14. Such a pretty dress :)

  15. passei por aqui para te encantei com seu blog, suas idéias...Parabéns viu? Sou uma nova blogueira, cheia de gás....venha me conhecer no e Adoraria ter vc como seguidora. vendo vestidos e makes...adoraria que conhecesse meu trabalho. EStarei sempre por aqui...Sucesso, saúde e paz!!!1 Ótima semana.


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