Wednesday, 8 September 2010

swedish style

Hi guys!

The new Ikea catalogue fluttered into my mailbox last week and due to my cold I had enough time to study it ;)

I admit I've always been doubting Ikea's quality because many of their items are still made of chipboard and I believe certain furniture simply has to be made of real wood. A lovely good old coffee table for example, well to me there's no way a coffee table should be made of something else. Ah well I'm deviating the subject by a mile. To cut a long story short, I'm not always a fan of their materials but I'm definitely a fan of their design.

These are my favourite pieces from their range for 2011:

PS Pendel long case clock
That's such a great idea casue it combines a clock with room store odds and ends. So innovative, I like that and it looks cute somehow :)

Klippan sofa with Navestad cover
God I adore this new kinda cross stitch design on Ikea's fabrics. Scandinavian designers are so talented in creating playful designs :)

Duktig dessert set
The new toy range for kids is soft and yummy. They have plush cakes, plush vegetables, plush fruits and everything looks so so cuuute :)

Renate Blom pillowcase
More playful colourful patterns! They also have superlovely bedclothes with this print, so that it must feel like waking up in spring when it's actually winter :)

Annemoa cut goods
This is only one of several beautiful prints that Ikea has going on for the next season. Sewing-queens can work their magic on lots of pretty clothes or accessories with it or simply imagine this in a frame as a picture. Lovely! :)

What do you guys think about Ikea's designs and quality and range? Do you understand why they have so much success? And do you have favourite pieces? Tell me :)

Have a nice day!
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  1. Oi Carina, é brinquedo mesmo? Nossa está tão perfeito que parece de comer esse bolo de pelúcia! rsrs
    Quando quiser faz uma visita la no meu blog, vou adorar.

  2. Ich liiieeebbbeee IKEA. Ich könnte mich da immer halb tot kaufen...ein Glück hat man ja nur begrenzt Platz für Möbel und Co. ^^

  3. ich liebe ikea. ich kann einfach nicht rein gehen ohne irgendwas zu kaufen ^^
    das regal mit der uhr ist super. ich überlege schon länger, ob ich es kaufen sollte...

  4. Mensch, was für ein Zufall, gestern war ich auch im IKEA. ja, es stimmt, IKEA ist ein phänomen, man kann nicht ohne leeren Einkaufswagen wieder hinaus spazieren. Was mich ganz besondes fasziniert hat sind die Küchen, und das tolle Sofa, dass du auch abgebildet hast. Aber das aller aller niedlichste sind diese Essspielsachen, aus Stoff mit Füllwatte gefüllt. Da möchte mann selber nochmal Kind sein!

  5. I adores Ikea , haha we have one in Malaysia too , but the items in your post , none of them has arrive yet :(

    i just went there last weekend , but did not purchase anything though

    i just love to walk around in the show room , cause it inspires me to decorate my own

  6. I do love Ikea, yes I adore the design too, kinda minimized. Thanks for sharing the catalogue, I do love the clock :) I have just bought a bookshelf last month from there.
    hope you are well.


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