Wednesday 1 September 2010

my current favourite ads

Hi guys!

I've been ill for a few days now, so I finally had time to do what I've been wanting to post for weeks now. Let me explain: I use the tube everyday and on the weekends I also use the train, so normally I carry around a book to pass the time reading. But sometimes I don't feel like reading something demanding, then I simply want to watch photos and read gossip or other texts that are easily digestible - that's when I buy these small format fashion magazines like Glamour, Joy, Jolie.

It's just for fun and also for a bit of inspiration and I must admit that I'm a sucker for all the fashion ads! I've always loved to cut them out and make collages for my walls when in was younger. Now I don't do that anymore but I still enjoy good ads, so here are my current favourites for you (great inspiration for autumn!):

Boss Orange
I love the boots and matching bag! The colour palette is great in general, I think brown and blue rock for autumn. (photo:

Patrizia Pepe Firenze
I love the background and trombone, the motive is paradox but somehow coherent though. And look at the gorgeous blazer! (photo:

To me it looks like the model is wearing some perfect transition pieces for autumn, so this ad is a wonderful inspiration, especially the cape! (photo:

Wow, I love the natural look. To me it's still a mystery how to look like wearing no make up while wearing some and this ad is a perfect example. She (Vanessa Paradis more beautiful than ever) looks as if she just put on some Rouge Coco in the morning and that's it. Love it! (photo:

I'm sure you've all seen at least one of the recent Guess ads? I'm so in love with how they capture the simple but glamourous vintage vibes in their shots. And God, how do I love the eye make up! (photo:

Their current campaign is calles The X, 10 people, 10 cities and the models are people that are no models. For example Emi Kameoka from Tokyo, she and the other 9 are briefly introduced on the Closed website. Isn't her hair simply stunning? Sorry, the photo is pixelated because I had to enlarge it. (photo in better quality:

Repeat Cashmere
Oh my God, isn't this the cutest ad you've ever seen? I nearly died when I saw this for the first time! I want this cuddly little doggy pleeaassee ;)
This is the Repeat campaign for their accessories line, the model for their clothing campaign is Doutzen Kroes. (photo:

I hope you liked this, maybe I'll post some favourite ads more often. :)

Have a lovely day!

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  1. repeat cashmere ad is my fav! so cute!

  2. yeah, i love chanel! yes, its realy natural and noble.

  3. I just love that Stefanel one! So pretty!

  4. hi! thanks for being my new follower!! :) I am following back! :)

    love, polly

  5. I like to look at the ads too, good post dear :)
    I have been sick for a week, I hope you feel a lot better now. See you around and take care ^_^

  6. of course i like this , thanks for sharing this , its great to look at them for inspiration fix

    the Guess add is so stunning , i always love their adds , because their models are always so gorgeous ,and i notice they like to use models with bee stung lips which is totally sexy

    and hey i hope you are feeling better by now

  7. I love the guess advert.
    It's oh so stylish.


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