Tuesday 21 September 2010

waiting for gina

Hi guys!

Oh my Goodness, it feels so good to write about unimportant stuff now after spending the whole day in front of my (still unfinished) term paper for linguistics! Actually linguistics are really important for an English student like me and I do get why we have to learn all the semantics and syntax and discourse stuff, but if it only wasn't that theoretical and boring... Well, enough of it for today, I'll finally finish it tomorrow and hand it in on Wednesday and then I'll never have to write something about lingu again.

The photos are from yesterday, I really wanted to take one of the last chances to take photos in Mum's frontyard. The weather yesterday was lovely, a typical sunny but not too warm autumn day and the old bench looked so pretty in the golden daylight next to the clematis. Patrick was so kind to take the photos for once (normally he feels embarassed to take photos of me in public, but in the yard no one could see us). As I told you my Mum is on the brink of moving house, so I will take as much photos of the house and yard as possible in the next two or three weeks (and show them to you of course).

blouse: miss selfridge, cardi + skirt: h&m, tights: accessorize, boots: vintage via ebay

The weekend also entailed a lovely unexpected surprise: I won a giveaway over at Blanc et Caramel. If you don't know Chani and her beautiful blog yet you should head over and take a look because that girl has a superlovely deco and jewelry shop full of scented sachets and candle jars and all. I purchased this beautiful necklace with the voucher I won and I will post about it again as soon as it arrives :)

Oh and I forgot to tell you last week that Gina Tricot will open a store in Düsseldorf. I saw it when I went to the doctor on Friday. If you look close enough you can see that they are right next to Accessorize. I'm so looking forward to it, I'm a sucker for Scandinavian brands. My wardrobe is full of H&M and Vero Moda and I would love to own some pieces of Noa Noa or Wood Wood (they like repetitions huh?!) or other similar brands, but it's still hard to get them here (and they are beyond my budget too).
Well, for now I'm waiting for Gina.

Have a nice day! :)

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  1. I love the first picture!! :D:D You look so pretty! :))
    And, lucky you!! You are getting Gina Tricot!! :(( I will still have to buy it over the internet...


  2. the blue jacket looks so cute on u! the first pic is gorgeous!

  3. Ohhh just LOVE all of the colors in this outfit, the bright blue and the darker hues, so fabulous!
    Also, how hard is it to get boys to take blog photos! Every time I ask my boyfriend to take blog photos it almost leads to an argument, you're so lucky Patrick is patient, those are great pics!

  4. Thank you girls :)

    @ Harlow Darling: ooh believe me I know how this is, everytime I ask patrick to take photos we end up discussing why he doesn't support me in what I'm doing. Ah typical... ;)

  5. hey!
    congrats on winning the giveaway! :D
    Schloss Linderhof is actually in Germany. We stopped there on our way home.

  6. Lovely outfit, and congrats on winning the giveaway. That necklace is beautiful! How exciting that Gina Tricot is coming to your city. I love that shop..basically love all the shops you mentioned! You should definitely take a trip to Scandinavia :)

  7. @ theresa: oh really? haha cool, I don't know it. might be a good place to visit next time I don't have the money to travel to far away places :)

    @ wangari: oh yes dear I definitely want to see every corner of Scandinavia someday :) I saw lots of photos and red about some places and the idea of traveling around there fascinates me!

  8. Danke, ja das Kleid ist wirklich schön. Deine Idee mit dem Westchen werde ich mir mal durch den Kopf gehen lassen.


  9. Hoorray!!
    Hello there!! I'm quite excited for your answer! x>
    Ok ok, I'm not as fool as I (probably) seem! Sometimes I try to imagine how other people could see me, reading all the 'things' I write, maybe it may seems I have some mental disorder, but I can tell I do not! and as the Mad hatter says: 'it is impossible..but just if you thing it is'!... well... mm. Probably not the best character to quote.../.3
    Ahah ok, focus (I'm like a cat, it just has to sparkle and I lose the point of what I was saying/doing..) I wanted to thank you for the reply, also that quick! and I'm glad u will check out my posts; the more you they are almost always very short, I don't give you much work!! hihi I'm kiddin..! Now the next time I will have to recount some friend's wedding and I'll write 1034 characters (without spaces)!
    xDD no no, well actually I don't know, but I don't remember I have a wedding in the near future x3
    Neeeey!!! do you study languages too!?! From Germany, mm'! I got it, and if I may say I like your name very much! Yep! I'm from Italy and besides English ( even if probably it doesn't seem) I study Spanish. Conoces alguna palabras?! x3P
    do u study other languages too?!
    I'd like to know what is your favourite colour, and if you have some clothes items u like more than others.^^

    Wishing u a good time,

    Ps. Oh damn!! I don't have the time now to read your latest post..!!! sighhh! But I'll remedy very soon! ;j

  10. I'M TRYING GERMAN! hahaha. i hope i didn't mess up too bad.. :S

    Mädchen, das du immer so atemberaubend! Ich liebe, wie Sie einen endlosen Vorrat an erstaunlich liebenswert Strumpfhose! Ich wünschte ich könnte einige Kleidungsstücke von H&M oder F21 leisten. aber $ 15.00 für ein T-Shirt ist viel zu teuer für mein Budget .. selbst wenn "billigen" haha. könnten wir bald umziehen auch! Ich werde meine eigene Wohnung haben und ich bin begeistert! :)

    lyndsey of hellolyndseyyy


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