Sunday 12 September 2010

why does it always rain on me?

Hi guys!

Oh it's so depressing that it has been raining all day. It's not that I don't like rain, it's just that it always rains when I visit a fleamarket. Especially when it comes to the big monthly fleamarket at the central market that I love so much. Behind every corner there's something funny or strange or beautiful and some things can only be discovered after a second closer look. For example the hat I wear in the pictures! I found it in an old suitcase :)
Well, today everything was hidden under water-repellent covers.

jacket + shirt: zara, jeans + cardi: h&m, shoes: thrifted, necklace. accessorize, hat: fleamarket

Stupidly I forgot my camera AND even my mobile, so I couldn't take any photos at all. Too bad! I saw so many cool stuff that I would have loved to share with you. I remember several adorable picnic baskets with checkered lining, a very old kinda pirate-movie-requisite-looking treasure chest, some old tin music boxes, lots of old toys in general (I love it!), superchic Jil Sander high heels (but not my size), gorgeous antique furniture aaaand sooo ooon.
Every trip to the fleamarket makes me feel like I visit a huge adventure playground :)

I love the fringes on this shirt! So quirky :)

In exchange for forgetting my camera I at least took pictures of what I bought when I was back home:

The hat, the little wooden duck, the two bags: everything can be found in my shop soon!

It has become a little tradition for me to buy fresh flowers for the kitchen table when I'm on my way home from the fleamarket. So today I bought some beautiful purple Lisianthus at my favourite flower shop with my favourite tattooed (male) florist (he's so stylish, today he wore suspenders).

Hope you all had a nice Sunday? I wish you a good start of the week tomorrow!

now playing: bloc party - i still remember
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  1. love the hat! you look great as always! it's been raining here for a week in fact!! i think the best thing in such weather is a good cuppa tea))

  2. oooh nice finds! I do that ALLL the time and I get so frustrated that I forget it haha :). Maybe next time!

    You look absolutely adorable, I LOVE the fringe, the hat, and the shoes! Great find deary ;)


  3. Morning hun , ya i saw your name on her list too, if not i would tagged u in mine lol

    i love walking around in flea markets , but flea market overseas is much more fun because they sell vintage and unique items

    Flea markets in Malaysia does not have stuff like that , basically its just some weekend stores which sells things that we can get in the mall =.=

    the weather here is crazy , this morning i woke up at 6 to a super heavy rain , i think the rain just stopped half an hour ago

    wish i am in my bed sleeping right now , hate to work esp on Monday

    anyway may u have a wonderful week ahead

    with love


  4. Yeah we have had rain in London non stop, but this weekend was lovely and sunny. Oh :( I hate forgetting my camera, it's like my arm I always have it. Love your buys, the little wooden duck is so cute I love the bag. Great outfit too xxxx

  5. It's been raining all day here too! I hate it. Loving your parka, it's perfection x

  6. oh my god, I love this look! from the fringed shirt to your shoes & the leopard cardigan...AWESOME!!! <3

  7. That fringe is so unique! I love it. And all your finds are so lovely! I love that clutch!!

  8. ohh I love your jacket! it goes well with the jeans


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