Thursday, 16 September 2010

Get the boot

Hi guys!

I took these photos today to take part in the Chictopia Get The Boot Contest which is sponsored by Payless. What do you say? Do you think I have a chance? There are so many photos entered that look much more professional. That always intimidates me a bit :-/
But anyway, everyone can try right?!

If you like my look with my beloved boots please vote for me over at Chictopia via saving it as a favourite one! :)

boots: vintage via ebay, vest: tom tailor, dress + coat: h&m, bag + tights + necklace: accessorize

How do I incorporate boots into my favourite fall fashion?

Well, that's pretty easy because boots are one of my most favourite pieces for fall anyway! My very favourite way to style boots in fall is to wear them with flared skirts and some eye catching tights in nice colours or with cute patterns. Add a printed shirt, a cardi and and a parka to this and I'm happy and perfectly comfortable.
Or if I'm unable to find matching skirt and shirt I simply go for a dress like for example a shirt dress like the one in the photos. That's probably the easiest way for me to look chic: a dress, tights, boots, my coat: ready to leave the house :)

Furthermore I like to wear boots with skinny jeans from time to time, especially when I have a "bad legs day" (that's when I don't like them at all). Then I can simply put my misshapen legs into some jeans and hide half their length in boots. When I additionally wear a longshirt no one can see my leg's shape at all :)

So as you can see boots are a definite fall must-have for me!

necklace: accessorize, ring: six, nail polish: mac "blue india"

my beloved boots :)

I hope you liked this! Don't forget to save my entry as a favourite at Chictopia to vote for me.

Have a lovely day!

now playing: dropkick murphys - i'm shipping up to boston

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  1. Schöne Stiefel. Das sieht echt schick zusammen aus. Dein Nagellack ist schön, welche Marke ist das? Und der Schmuck ist traumhaft! Woher?

  2. @ Alanis: Dankeschön! :) Ich schreibe immer klein unter die Fotos von was für Marken die Klamotten sind bzw. wo ich sie gekauft hab.

  3. beautiful accessories. relly loved the ring and the boots are awesome! i love the look

  4. oh danke, dass habe ich glatt überlesen.

  5. I love your boots! And your whole outfit. I love wearing tights right now with boots right now.

  6. omg of COURSE you have a chance! you are totally gorgeous and so different from all of those primpy sticks. :)

    i absolutely adore that vest and coat, you look sooo amazing! and of course the boots, who couldn't love them on you?!

    lyndsey of

  7. Danke, dass ist nett von dir!

  8. tolles outfit! Nicht nur die Boots ;)

  9. mir gefallen die Stiefel sehr gut :)

  10. Must Become ur reader

    soo much pretty
    and ur stlye love it


  11. Your outfit and boots are great, I'm sure you'll have a great chance at winning that competition! It's all about uniqueness :]

  12. uuuuuh, such a sweet necklace, dear! :D

  13. darling ! i have passed u a blog award , this is the best i can do to show appreciation on how much i enjoy your blog :)


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