Monday, 27 September 2010

lazy weekend

Hi guys!

I'm back to blogging after a busy week. Well and also after a well-deserved lazy weekend.
I wore this yesterday to meet a girl that bought a scarf from my online shop. She had asked if she could come and get it because it wouldn't have arrived by mail before she left for a longer time abroad. So I offered her to meet at the main station because I had to bring a package to the mail shop there anyway.
It was so nice to see what people buy vintage pieces like the ones I offer. She was a very cute girl and so likeable. We talked a few minutes and she was amazed by the scarf. It was a nice experience for me :)

dress: new yorker, jeans: zara, cardi: h&m, belt: fleamarket, shoes: thrifted

This is actually one of my favourite summer dresses (remember?), but it's autumn now and I'm not the type of girl that rearranges the wardrobe depending on what season it is. I pretty much try to wear all clothes I have throughout the whole year, so the dress for example becomes a tunic in autumn/winter. I love how its floral pattern is kind of timeless.

ring: six, necklace: h&m

Oh and yesterday evening Patrick and I finally had the time to cook something delicious again. Normally during the week we both don't have enough time to cook proper meals, so we try to at least do this at the weekend. It's not that we only eat fast food on the other days of the week, but we rather "cook" snacks or things that don't take too long to be prepared, like boiled eggs on bread or so.
So yesterday we made yummy homemade mashed potatoes with spinach and Leberkäse. I haven't found a translation for it, but it's this typical Bavarian meat that is baked in the oven and then fried in the pan afterwards.
A very traditional German meal. I found it very matching because in Bavaria (the other end of Germany from here) there's the Oktoberfest taking place at the moment and they sell lots of Leberkäse there. So we had kind of an Oktoberfest theme meal :)

I hope you had a nice weekend! Happy Sunday!
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  1. looking great as always) lots of spinach!! yay)

  2. Love this dress / tunic on you,so pretty!

  3. i love that dress it is so pretty!!! such good way to transition dresses to fall!!

  4. I'm craving Leberkäs now!! :D

  5. Love the outfit, and your meal looks delicious!

  6. ok I must find that sweet dress of yours..adorable!

    Hugs for a happy Sunday..which is almost your Monday. xoxoxo

  7. tradition food , wow sounds and look yummy to me

    its nice right to find people who appreciates vintage clothes,she must have been so delighted to get the scarf from you

    and as for your outfit , i think its a brilliant idea to re arrange the items and re wear them in different style

    i have checked out the older post , haha i think the dress look nice both ways , i love when u wear it itself with the waist belt

    and this of course i agree it goes very well with Fall

    i think i should start trying re arrange styles too

    thanks for the inspiration

    may u have a great week ahead ♥

    with love


  8. Ich habe heute den gleichen Ring an!
    Hübsch siehst du aus und das Essen einfach lecker!

  9. i should visit H&M again. they have some cool jewelleries.

    great floral dress!

  10. You look so great in that outfit! I try to do the same thing with my clothes but I do have a couple of things that are strictly summer clothes and winter clothes. Glad you had a nice and relaxing weekend, those are the best.

  11. Love the dress! I wear most of my clothes all year as well. But normally I pack away some of my summer dresses because they would leave me freezing when it's proper winter.


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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