Friday, 11 June 2010

underneith the bridge

Hi guys!

It's really sticky weather in Germany with a high air humidity, so what to wear?
I tell you: my new babies, these awesome pants I told you about yesterday! It was so hard to find these kind of pants in a size and cut that fits me, but finally it was worth walking Cologne's biggest shopping street up and down like crazy :)
After wearing them for the first time today I am in love with how comfy they are. It felt like going to work in my pyjama pants! Imagine one could go to the office in pyjamas, what a wonderful world would this be? I think many people would do better jobs in comfy pants :D

pants: new yorker, shirt: zara, belt: c&a, cardi: promod, shoes: ebay, bag: reisenthel

Anyway, I styled them nice and casual with the knotted loose fit shirt (knotting rules - if I wear this shirt without a knot I look like I'm pregnant), the same brown cardi like in the last post and my comfy white favourite 1 Euro summer shoes :)
I must say despite of sweating like hell, I felt very stylish today - well, stylish but comfy, ha! Even my colleagues payed me compliments for the pants, although we're not really a fashionable office. I was so happy, today really outweighted the stress I had to find these trousers. Sometimes it's so stupid, but days like today make me happy.
A simple person can be satisfied with simple things, haha ;)

Oh and I took out my new bag. I purchased it via Ebay to be my new laptop bag but it's too small. Now I'll use it as a normal one for work and uni. Isn't it cute? It's made of cork, so quirky. And I love all the cute little creatures on it and that it looks like those vintage schoolbags with these buckles!

Oh by the way: near to where I work there is this highway bridge where I always park my (well, let's say Patrick's) car, so before driving home I took some pictures there. You know, for the sake of variety concerning my photo backgrounds.

Hm okay, here are some more photos (of what happened yesterday):

I tried out these veggie toasties...

...and they were pretty disgusting. Patrick tested the ones with pork in them,which were a bit better. But in general it's rather not something I would snack on from time to time.

I had two new bags in the mail yesterday! The cork one you already know now and a cute little straw purse. Remember my feature on straw bags for summer? Now I got one! But I also want another one in this typical straw-beige.

We bought new furniture for the living-room! Let me introduce you Ikea's Hemnes as a drawer and as a shelf. It looks so shabby-romantic, I love it! We're planning to buy a brown dandelion wall tattoo for the spot between TV and shelf. What do you think?

Okay, now I need to head over to the sofa to watch the Germany's Next Topmodel finals. I'm not really amazed by the last three girls, but if I had to choose the winner of these three I would pick Hanna cause she's much more likeable than the other two ( and

Have a wonderful day! :)

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  1. I'm so glad you found slacks! They look really cute on you! And that top is super cute too! Ugh, I remember when I was in Germany in July it was soooo hot and humid ALL THE TIME. I think I went around in a tank-top and skirt everyday. I would also go to Wesel for ice cream treats!

    Your home looks so cute!! I totally agree with the dandelion decal!

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag! and of course your new trousers...the DO look comfy..but very chic at the same time! love them :)

  3. Great outfit! I love your new bags...and your living room looks fantastic! Love it.

  4. Those trouesr are great, and ilovethecolor. This weather is killing me. xx

  5. ohmy, the big bag was awsome !

  6. Cute shirt! love it and I love the furniture. I love the white and modern look of it. Reminds me of my entertainment center.

    Nice blog : ) now following. Please check mine and follow too if you like (hope you do)

  7. Wow those trousers are just lovely, what a great buy. They were totally worth the stress of finding them. And that bag and straw purse are super cute, great finds lady! Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather, here it is raining :(

  8. hey! how did you get your wall shelf from IKEA to hang? we bought the same one and are having issues! any advice or help would be great!! thanks!!



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