Monday, 14 June 2010

the day my wallet disappeared

Hi guys!

This is what I wore today when my wallet was stolen.
Yes right, it's gone! I tell you, today sucks.
I had been looking forward to visiting the huge monthly fleamarket at the central market and went there this morning. I was not the only one who was going there, the train was extremely crowded. Well, somewhere in the crowd must have been an asshole looking for money, because when I arrived at the market and held a pretty vintage dress in my hands, I reached for my wallet but it was gone.
I poured the content of my bag on the floor, I asked the train conductor if a wallet had been found, I went back to where I departed to see if I forgot the wallet where I had bought breakfast, but no, it had disappeared.
Then I went to the police station to charge against a person unknown and went home highly frustrated.

shirt: h&m, skirt: object, belt: vintage, shoes: ebay,
bow cuff: six, necklace: sarah et pauline

I have no money, no ID card, no driver's license, no student ID. Basically I have nothing now. I don't even have my cash card to withdraw money. I am a moneyless person without an official identity :-/
Tomorrow I'll have to run around all day and spend a little fortune to get all the new cards and documents. A new driver's license costs 45 Euro, are they crazy? I'll be so broke...
And the German bureaucracy works slooooowly. If I'm lucky I'll have all things together in 6 weeks at the earliest. Yay...

Patrick and Wolf, talking shop about Mac

Patrick and our stuffed e.coli bacterium from giant microbes
(do you know these little guys? I love them)

Well, at least I could use the time that was planned for the fleamarket to complete a linguistics presentation for next Thursday. Theme-rheme patterns, so boring. So you see today really sucked and still does because Patrick and his friend are watching the world cup (Germany vs. Australia) and scream their heads off, I'm so tetchy.
Day, please be over soon. I hope tomorrow will be better.

Here's some pretty new stuff that I added to my shop
The Little Owl Vintage.

vintage wooden bangle

crocodile bangle & earring set

vintage wooden apple bowl

Have a nicer day than me ;)

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  1. very cute!, love your shoes! xx

  2. i love your jean skirt!! very cute!! your bracelet is so cool to. i am sorry about your wallet god that must be so bloody frusterating, i hope tommorrow is a whole lot better!

  3. Oh goodness darling, sending *big HUGS* your way! That really is so awful, times like these I really hope that there is such a thing as karma and that the bastard that took your wallet gets what's coming to them, godamn asshole :(

    Btw really love your little microbe toy, it's oh so sweet (cutest germ ever hehehe) and the things you've put in your shop are wonderful :)

    Lots and lots of love

  4. Oh no!!!
    Hopefully someone honest will find it and return it.
    I would be so terrified of identity theft if my wallet were stolen though! Is that a very big problem in Germany?? Make sure you notify all the right people right away, any place that you had a card from.
    Good luck and I hope you have replacement cards sooner than you expect!
    Heres hoping that tomorrow is better than today! *hugs*

  5. Aw I'm so sorry about your wallet. I knwo it's no where near the same but I once had my ipod stolen from me, and I had bought amazing skins for it and everything (back when I didn't have a job) and it kind of killed my mood for a while. But I'm sure before you know it you will have everything back together and this will all be in the past. Good luck with it!

  6. Sucks about your wallet!! I lose mine all the time. At least you looked cute while losing it...

  7. oh no! That sucks! I hope you'll have your replacement cards really soon.


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