Saturday 7 April 2012

my mind is a warrior, my heart is a foreigner

Hi guys and happy Good Friday to you!

I still have some outfit photos from Budapest up my sleeve, and these are some of them. It was lovely spring weather when I was there and most days there was no need for a jacket, so it was perfect to wear out my new heart-printed cardigan. I bought it at the Hungarian Mango, but I think I've also seen it in the German stores and so it might still be available everywhere - even for 20% off the regular price.

♥ cardi: mango ♥ shirt skirt: h&m ♥ belt + tights: primark ♥ boots: ebay ♥ necklace: reserved ♥ hair bow + ring: claire's ♥

Actually I used to avoid entering Mango. I know they have beautiful clothing and I always saw their lookbooks and was drooling over many pieces, but still didn't go there because of their odd sizing. I mean, okay Zara is already critical for curvy girls, but Mango is even worse. Furthermore - for a thrifty person like me - their prices are most often too high for my taste. It's
Linknot as if their quality was superb, so why should I pay more for items that have the same quality like H&M or Chinese wholesalers?
However since I have lost some weight with Weight Watchers, I gave it another go and lately I fit into Mango clothes. Well, I need their biggest size available, but at least I fit in. Also they always have some special promo pieces that are not as "expensive" as the rest of the collection and this is were I snap at the chance.
As mentione dabove, this cardi in the pics for example was 20% off, or the other day I bought this pleated dress Kate Moss wears in the recent promo posters because it is much cheaper than the other dresses in store.


Anyway, now for something completely different: the title. It's a line from an Ed Sheeran song, damn am I addicted to his album at the moment! I listen to it at least twice a day, just can't help myself, it's so great! I've always loved singer/songwriter stuff and listened to it every once in a while, but Ed Sheeran kills me, really! I love his voice, I love his lyrics and I love with how much heart he performs. Yes, I admit I'm having a little crush on him ;) But isn't he just too cute with his smirk smile and the tousled ginger hair?
Okay, enough groupie talk for today.

Have a nice day!

now playing: ed sheeran - grade 8
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  1. die strickjacke is sooo soo süß! :)
    schönes outfit!

  2. The cardi is adorable..also the necklace! You look great! :)

  3. You look absolutely lovely. Everything about this outfit is like a piece of a puzzle that you put together perfectly.


  4. Love your cute outfit! You look great :)
    The heart printed cardi is just adorable <3 As is your jewelry!

    Trendy Teal

  5. how cute is that necklace?? and as always, i love the cardi/ skirt combo :) x

  6. LOVE THE CARDIE! so cute! ^^<3
    have a fun weekend sweetie!

  7. Aaaw, I love your sense of style, it's totally my thing! Following! :)

    Xx, Saritschka.

    Wanna win an amazing ASOS clutch from the new collection?

  8. What a cute cardigan, I love it <3

  9. herzzerreißend schönes outfit. oh, der ausruf passt zu den herzchen auf deienm cardi.

    frohe ostern!

  10. i love using song lyrics as my post titles :3 and nice outfit :3 its good that you can fit in mongo sizing ^_^ keep up the good work :)


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