Monday 9 April 2012

last days in Budapest

Hi guys!

I'm still behind with posting photos, but I'm slowly catching up. Over the weekend me and Patrick were away to a concert and to spend Easter with the family, but I didn't have the time to upload the pics, so instead I show you some impressions of my last days in Budapest two weeks ago.

One of my favourite after-work hobbies in Budapest is to roam the riverside by sunset because of the more than stunning lighting. Standing on the Pst side you can look up and down the Danube and across it to the Buda side and everything is plunged in golden sunlight, that creates light and shadow contrasts with the silhouettes of the buildings, lamp posts and railings.

Remember my little blogger meet-up with Madeline? On my very last evening I met her again to go to Szimpla, one of Budapests oldest and most famous "ruin bars". It's common there to open up bars in run down buildings to save them from being demolished.
Szimpla is the coolest bar I've ever seen, it's an ultimate go-to if you visit Budapest. I once read somewhere that in the beginning every guest started to bring his own chair and that's why today you can't find a pair of matching chairs there, every piece of furniture is unique.

If you look closer, you can see that Madeline and I were sitting in a cushioned bathtub :)

My Easter pics will follow in the course of the next days, I hope all of you had a nice long Easter weekend as well?
Happy Easter!

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  1. mwoah tolle bilder <3

    ich freu mich jetz schon selber durhc budapest schlendern zu k├Ânnen (:

  2. wow that bar is awesome!
    wish i could find such a place here too and make it my local. ^^
    sure there`s a lot of kitchy theme places but..that place has an idea behind it. hoorraah for creative people. ^^d looks like a fantastic place. hugglies MMxoxo

  3. tolle bilder <3



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