Wednesday 11 April 2012

dancing with kafka

Hi guys!

I would like to quote one of my co-worker's FB post from this morning: the worst Mondays are Tuesdays. So true! Btw hi Julia! ;)
I'm having such messed up sleeping times at the moment and I don't have any idea why. Before Budapest I had this uneasiness and felt awkward and strange when I went to bed. I lay awake for at least 45 minutes before being able to fall asleep. In Budapest my daily life was much more exhausting, I had more mental stress and physical activity, hence I slept like a baby. I always watched one episode of Twin Peaks at 11 pm and afterwards fell asleep immediately.
And since I'm back home it's again the same restlessness keeping me awake in the evening. I try to be more active throughout the day, go to the gym, go to the forest, run errands instead of procrastinating etc., but still it doesn't work here. Do I have to return to Budapest to find a normal sleep rhythm?

♥ shirt: pimkie ♥ necklace: accessorize ♥ belt: primark ♥ skirt: springfield ♥ shoes: goertz ♥ tote bag: ebay ♥

Speaking of Budapest again: these are the last outfit photos I have from my stay there. I took them in the apartment I stayed at for the second half of the trip, a lovely little single room flat with dark parquet and Kafka posters on the walls.
I found my two Budapest accommodations via airbnb by the way, so if you're looking for individual apartments instead of standard hotel rooms I can really recommend this website to you. Private persons offer their flats there - most often even cheaper than hotels or hostels and definitely more interesting and more comfortable.

Oh and before I forget: could you guys do me a little favour?
I'm taking part in a blogger competition at Kleiderkreisel where you can win tickets for a German blogger convention.

All you have to do is click this new Kleiderkreisel plug-in at the head of my sidebar:

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  1. Ahh yes plaid!! Always so amazing, especially on you, it looks great tied up like this and with that yellow skirt. I screwed up my sleep schedule SO bad this weekend

  2. Cool mix of prints! I love that sweet necklace!

  3. der beutel is klasse.
    aber ich persönlich mag den mix diesmal nicht so sehr :)
    hab auf dein kleiderkreiseldings geklickt :)

  4. Der Rock gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut, der ist schon bunt und frühlingshaft <3
    Liebste Grüße von Jestil

  5. die kette ist süß <3


  6. I clicked for you! :)

    Such a great skirst! You really inspire me to wear more separates and mix and match tops, skirts and cardigans... I must buy more skirts! :D


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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