Saturday 21 April 2012

simple business

Hi guys!

How is everyone doing?
I'm back home from a nice but really exhausting day off that Patrick and I spent in the Netherlands.
We went to Maastricht in the morning because I heard it's lovely and I had not been there for over 10 years, so I was curious.
Afterwards we also made a detour to Landgraaf, which is also in the Netherlands, to a big knick-knack outlet store where they have everything, from clothes over garden furniture to kitchenware and whatnot.
Of course I took lots of photos ;) I will post them in the course of the next days.

♥ sweater: forever21 ♥ blouse: promod ♥ jeans: esprit ♥ shoes: h&m ♥ watch: casio ♥ necklace: jewelmint ♥

I wore this outfit from the pictures to work earlier this week. On Monday and Tuesday I knew I would spend the whole day at the office, from 9-6, so I went for a very comfy yet not too boring look. Jeans and comfortable sneakers are definitely a must on these "dressing simple" days and the layered shirts came together because I recently bought this sweater in the sale and wanted to try out how it looks with a longer blouse (btw the blouse has light blue stripes, you just can't see it because of the overexposure).
I've never been a big "shirts layerer" because normally I don't freeze so easily, but at the moment there is this moody cold April weather which is driving me crazy and makes me feel cold quicker than usual.
To put a little eyecatcher into this simple ensemble I added my beloved sparkling "Poseidon Disc" necklace.

(yay for unintendedly tucking in the blouse with my legs)

Alright, nothing more to tell, pretty unspectacular post this time.
Now I have to wrap some birthday gifts for a friend that I'm going to meet tomorrow.

Have a lovely Friday! :)

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  1. This simple outfit is AMAZING, I really love the sweater over the denim top, it's such a great combination!! Have a great weekend dear :)

  2. Cute, casual, and chic. Love it

  3. Wunderschönes Outfit!
    Der Pulli ist klasse!! Bin eh ein großer Forever21 Fan :)

    Schönes Wochenende!!

  4. Na das outfit grenzt ja auch schon an zartes pastell :) ich finde es steht dir sehr gut ist mal was anderes, so hell alles! Und diese Kette ist einfach bezaubernd.

    Zählt es auch wenn man mehrfach klickt eigentlich?

  5. Das Outfit ist wirklich super schön! Gefällt mir richtig gut :)
    Also Danke erst mal :) Wenn ich fertig bin, wird bestimmt noch das ganze Scrapbook abfotografiert ;)

    Also die Farbe auf den Lidern ist so ein rauchiges schwarz/ grau mit einigen goldenen bzw. bronzefarbenen Glitzerpartikeln. ;)

  6. cute look ! I like the jewelry



    come and take part !

  7. Great look too, love the layering and the texture of the sweater! The necklace is sooo pretty! Your hair looks lovely! Is it a lighter colour?

    Clicked again, hope it matters! :)

  8. I like this casual look, it looks good on you :)

  9. ooh love the necklace!!


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