Saturday 28 April 2012

first steps in Ireland

Hi guys!

How are you doing?
I'm having a fantastic time here in Kerry, Ireland at the moment, Patrick and I are totally enjoying the beautiful landscape!
Here are the first couple of photos, first of all some pics of our accommodation (poor quality because they were taken with my mobile phone, sorry about that):

Our lovely little cottage is called "Solar Lodge" and it's located at the very end of a narrow dirt road outside of a tiny village on the coast. It's magical here, the panoramic view, the landscape, the food and the people are amazing! :)

The day before yesterday we drove around and came across this little beach called Kells Bay:

The weather was rainy and grey on our first two days, but it has gotten a little better by now. However, as we're on the coast, there are some crazy winds everywhere we go, but we're still enjoying ourselves :) I have a warm coat and my new floral rubber boots with me, so everything's alright.

On our second day here we drove up to the next bigger city Killarney. Actually we had planned to visit the National Park there, but we went to the city center first and forgot the time while shopping at Penney's (a.k.a. Primark) and at the lovely little souvenir shops. We have delayed the National Park trip to today and we'll hit the road as soon as I've finished this post here.
Here are the only two pics I took in Killarney, they show the main street and our lunch at a coffee shop called O'Brien's:

I hoe you liked the little overview of what we did on day 1 and 2. Actually we also visited another beach in the evening of our first day, but we took so many photos of it, that I will put them into an own post later. I promise you these are the most amazing photos ever because we were so lucky to have a beautiful beach, sunset and a rainbow, all at the same time. :)
You'll see it yourself soon.

Have a lovely day!
Greetings from the Emerald Island!

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  1. Siehts schön aus dort, auch wenn es regnerisch ist ;)

  2. it looks like a great time i love your shoes :3 and the photos!

  3. ich bin immernoch neidiisch!!
    süße bilder und eure hütte is ein traum-würd ich so einziehen

  4. Wow it looks exactly how I imagined Ireland would look! So gorgeous! Your rain boots are very cute :)
    Hope you're both having a lovely time, I look forward to reading more about your trip :D

  5. Your wellies are SO SO cute, I love your blue coat too. These photos are amazing, I am so jealous. The lodge where you're staying looks awesome too. What a great trip
    My ex is actually in belfast right now!! So if you guys end up there and meet a facial hair covered canadian, say hi!

  6. oh man wie geilo! Viel Spaß noch! Und die gummistiefel ne ^^


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