Thursday, 5 January 2012

new pieces and a resolution

Hi guys!

New year, new resolutions right? I have made up a plan even before Christmas, here it is: after all of the gift shopping before the holidays i wanted to grab some nice bargains in the after-Christmas sales but I was also aware of the fact that most of my money would be spent for a new mattress as Patrick and I have been getting backache every morning for some months now. I also thought of other (rather pricey) things apart from clothing that have been on my wishlist for so long....
Well, in the end I made the decision to finally grow up and don't spend all my money on clothing and accessories. Okay, I admit I could never live without buying anything pretty that comes my way, BUT for now I don't want to buy clothing, accessories and nail polishes for the next 2 months and then we will see.
So I allowed myself some last shopping with the rest of my Christmas money a few days ago and here is what I got (skip the pics if you're only interested in the resolution):

♥ hosiery: primark ♥ hair clips: claire's ♥

♥ satchel: primark ♥

bag: cyh680000 ebay shop

♥ dress: monki ♥

♥ shirt, cardi + belt: primark ♥

♥ bag, bracelet, hair clips + alice band: monki ♥

There you go, I snatched some nice bargains. I always say I'm a hunter and gatherer ;)

Anyway, it's enough shopping for now. This year I plan an expensive Ireland holiday with Patrick and the other day a friend and me decided to get away from the daily grind by spending some days in Budapest next month. I can't wait to travel more in the future, that's really something I will neglect shopping for!
Furthermore Patrick got some news at work: he works for a German TV station and they will send him to Poland for the European Football Championships for 7 weeks in spring/summer. That's amazing but I will miss him a lot, so I also plan to visit him in Cracow once or twice which will be another expense.
To cut a long story short: no more shopping! The only thing I will do is swapping, but I won't spend money on new stuff.

As a motivation and to keep my objects of desire in mind I wrote down this little reminder wishlist:

a Canon Eos1000D tutorial book
a photography seminar
a big and pretty brown leather camera bag
a tripod
an antique drawer for the bedroom
a smartphone
money for traveling

I'd love to be able to tick off all these things at the end of 2012. We'll see how it works, wish me luck!

What are your resolutions??

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. good luck! they're good goals to save for. I am saving for moving house.

  2. No shopping for clothes for a whole year?! Good luck, it looks like you have some great reasons and wonderful motivations for taking that break. Your year is going to be full of fun travels :)

  3. Cutting down on shopping for clothes might be hard, but I'm going to try to do that too! So we're in this together and I hope you get to mark off all the things on your wish list too. :)

  4. Yay, your new year sounds awesome! Lots of travel is even more than lots of pretty things! :)

  5. Cute things! I adore this cute handbag from ebay. :)

  6. what luvly things u got! <3
    the baggie from ebay is cuuuute! ^^<3
    my hat`s off to u hun for your ~not shopping~ plan. xDd
    good to keep important goals in mind b^^d
    have to start saving too coz i went out the past few days and spent all me munny. XD darnit.
    one woman effort of keeping the japanese economy afloat xDd


  7. Ohhh you got some truly wonderful items!! I absolutely love the tights and that green dress, so excited to see it! Thats one of my goals too, spend less, save more. It's so incredibly hard! Good luck my dear

  8. I like the way you show your inspirations!

  9. very nice stuff!
    I plan to travel as much as I can this year too. I see you live in Germany..I actually hope to take a trip all around there when I go :D


  10. oh das grüne monkikleid is ja zauberhaft! da freu ich mich auf einen outfit-post.

    ich hab dieses jahr irgendwie garkeine vorsätze; 2012 kam soo schnell, da hatte ich garkeine zeit!
    frohes neues jahr meine liebe!

  11. cute clothes picks! hope you get to go travelling, i'm trying to save as well at the moment but it's going horribly - spending less on clothes is definitely a good idea for me too!

    happy new year xx

  12. I'm also trying to cut back my spending, good luck with your attempt!

    Love the pics of your haul as well you got some great bits!

    Much love Amie


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