Monday 2 January 2012

welcome 2012

Hi guys!

Happy new year to all of you!
I hope you had a blast last night and left all worries behind to start a fresh and new year that will hopefully be full of success, fun and love!
Patrick and I had purselves a cozy NYE at home but went outside at midnight to light up some sparklers - oh I love them! Pretty and not dangerous :)

May your lives be filled with love!

May 2012 be a kick ass year for everyone!

May the stars shine for you in the new year!

Let's all try to make 2012 a good one! :)
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  1. Happy New Year dear! I hope your year is wonderful, and filled with everything you hope! Your pictures are so brilliant! I love making pictures with my sparklers too! Haha

  2. This pictures are so fun!! I love the sparklers, glad you had a good time. Happy New Years!!

  3. Happy new year :D These pictures are so cool!

  4. Me and the boyf stayed in for New Years too and played charades like a sad old couple! I think going out is a bit over rated

    Happy New Year!



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