Saturday 21 January 2012

a surprise and spilled beans

Hi guys!

Wohoo it's Friday again, finally!
To be honest this is a post that publishes itself automatically while I'm already on my way to my hometown where I'll spend the whole weekend with my girls. Our friend Jasmin has been living in Beijing for a little more than one year now and this weekend she will come back home for a short holiday until her new visa for China is valid. We all haven't seen her since December 2010, my goodness this is so long ago. Of course we still wrote her e-mails and uploaded the pictures of our monthly girls night, so she wasn't completely out of our lives, but still our last evening with her is long ago.
We all can't wait to see her again :) So tonight there is a surprise party for her at our hometown's local pub. Well, unfortunately it's not a surprise anymore as one of my friends has unintendedly spilled the beans, but I think it will be a blast nevertheless! Tomorrow we'll also spend the evening with Jasmin, so that's why I'm away for the whole weekend.

♥ dress: promod ♥ cardi + tights: h&m ♥ belt: primark ♥ boots: gamloong ♥ bag: asos ♥ necklace: claire's ♥

As I'm still catching up with posting last week's outfit (*cough* slow blogger...) and after I had to push in yesterday's concert post to not lose the chronological order completely, I today present you what I came up with last Thursday. I remember a wonderfully crisp and sunny winter morning, so I took the chance to wear one of my summer dresses in a wintry style again, that means with a cardi, two layers of tights and my cozy boots.
I was actually not 100% content with the colour combo but in the end it turned out better than I had expected. I love how you can wear the collar of the dress above the cardigan.
Oh and how do you like the cuckoo clock necklace? Isn't it the funniest and quirkiest thing ever?! :)

Alright, so by the time this post publishes itself I'm probably at my dad's house (my accomodation for the night) to fetch the keys and then I'm off to the pub to see the girls! Aaawww I already can't wait and can't stop smiling while I'm pre-writing this here haha ;)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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  1. Beautiful cardigan! The liberty print dress is super cute and my favorite item was the look of the necklace, a charm! I hope I can go through my blog and maybe we can become followers. =)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you're going to have an awesome weekend!! I absolutely love this dress it's such a great print and looks so great with the purple cardigan. You always have the best dress and cardi combinations. Have a fun weekend

  3. giirrl, don't feel bad about scheduling posts, i do it all the time. i love the print on your dress, by the way! you look adorbs. xx

  4. i love your dress and bag


  5. Those boots are so cool!!

  6. Have the best time ever! It sounds like you will! :)

    Love your dress with the thin belt! :)

  7. I hope you have fun with your friend missy! I know you guys will have a blast reuniting. It's always fun to catch up with friends/family you've missed a while. That's one reason that blogging really comes in handy too!

    I absolutely ADORE this outfit! The colors are just so lovely and this entire outfit is sooo flattering on you doll!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  8. Throwing a suprise party to your friend sounds like the best way to welcome her back :)

    I really love to wear summer dresses in a winter way too. You look lovely as usual!

  9. hope you have a great time ;) your outfit is awesome, but that's no news^^

  10. those boots are rad, rad, rad.


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