Wednesday 18 January 2012

o'god the aftermath

Hi guys!

We have reached the middle of the week, only a few more days to go :)
But let's go back to Monday for a second: Patrick and I went to Cologne to see the tour start of a really cool band, namely La Dispute.
They're a very special band because of their amazing lyrics. The songs all tell stories and are written so authentically, honestly and beautifully. When I listen to certain songs, for example this one, it gives me goosebumps only because of the stories that are told.
Anyway, it was a great concert. The Underground club was completely sold out and overcrowded, everyone wanted to see them. It was their first concert of the new tour and it was an amazing atmosphere, the audience was great, sang and screamed along and the singer was so cute. They are all pretty young, that's why their reactions to the enthusiastic fans were really cute. The singer was so happy when he saw the crowd singing the songs, knowing every single word by heart.
I left my cam at home because I knew it would be overcrowded, so unfortunately I have no photos. But if you're interested, then Google is your friend ;p

♥ cardigan + jeggings: h&m ♥ shirt: norma jean band merch ♥ circle scarf: gina tricot ♥ boots: vintage ♥ bag: ebay ♥ necklace: accessorize ♥

Okay, I know you rather see me in playful and colourful outfits on the blog, but all black punkrock/metal looks is actually where I come from. I've been listening to such bands since I was 14 or so and you'll never get the punkrock out of me ;) I like to go back to this style from time to time because it reminds me of the good old times and because I love to underline my pale skin by wearing all black. Furthermore a pair of jeggings and a shirt are so comfortable, hence perfect for a concert. However, compared to the old times, I know now that you don't have to run around like a raggle-taggle tramp to look, ehm, I don't know how to say without using stupid words... let's say to look like you listen to this music!

The t-shirt used to be Patrick's, he's a fan of Norma Jean (the band, not the lady), but last year he sorted it out because it didn't fit him anymore. We were actually sorting out clothes for a colleague of mine who wanted to take them to Kenia (he travels there once a year), but I decided that you can't send a shirt with a "death" and "the aftermath" print to Kenia. However it was also too cool to throw it away, so I kept it.
Last week I found it again and finally altered it, I can wear it as a long shirt now. I could even wear it as a mini dress too if I had the legs.
Anyway, I'm a zombie fan, I love the print. The band is not one of my favourites, but I like some of their stuff too. I plan to make more of Patrick's old shirts mine in the course of the next month... Plus: there are so many awesome band shirts available for men but the girlie shirts most often suck.

Do you own band shirts? Are they altered men's shirts or girlies?

Happy Wednesday!

now playing: norma jean - the anthem of the angry
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  1. You do look great in black! Even with your current style I think one can feel that you come from the world of metal. :)

    Love your coat!

  2. I still have so many band tee's from my punk rock days. I actually got a new Iron Maiden shirt for Christmas that I'm going to take in and sew a bit.
    I love this on you, rocker chic!!

  3. Awesome shirt! I'm also quite a punk rock lover and I need more band t's!

  4. I love all the black with the royal blue coat! So good. I was surprised you were wearing a Norma Jean shirt - they're intense. Hardcore is such a huge scene in Canada... but I guess it is everywhere? You are looking great!

  5. rockin outfit and love the blue coat with it! gorgeous! <3
    sigh..i miss going to gigs. can`t seem to find anything interesting enough here..have to do more research. ^^ MMxoxo

  6. I don't have any :( You're right, girlie ones suck, and I never have luck thrifting any either.


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