Saturday 14 January 2012

only yesterday was the time of our lives

Hi guys!

It's Friday! How awesome is that?!
Okay, my weekend will be pretty uneventful, but at least it's the weekend, that's what counts. I can't wait to put my pyjamas on and curl up on the sofa with a vanilla chai latte and something to read. Well, I will have to read philosophical texts for uni instead of a nice book, but oh well, at least it's the weekend! ;-p
Tomorrow I will also head out to the forest with Patrick to shoot a special video (more about it soon...), gosh I hope Patrick will be able to hold the camera, he's Mr. Shaky-Hands.

♥ dress + necklace: h&m ♥ cardi + boots: ebay ♥ belt: pieces ♥

This cute colourful ensemble is what I wore to work on Monday, it was just the right (over)dose of colour to brighten up the day. Actually I put together the next day's outfits in the evenings and then I normally change my mind in the mornings haha. But this looked perfectly cute when I laid everything together on the bed on Sunday night and it worked out fine when I put in on the next morning.
I got these boots supercheap via Ebay the other day, they were only something around 7€ including the shipping. Hello bargain! I was a bit sceptical about their slightly cowboyish style but I couldn't complain as they were so cheap, and when they arrived: a miracle, I like them, they really look good. Many ankle boots are not very flattering for my calves, but these are okay. Hooray!

Can you believe that I've worn this belt for the first time on Monday? I bought it about two years ago, can't even remember where, but I know it was 2nd hand. Why didn't I wear it? It's so nice with floral pieces.

Anyway, we have to clean up the apartment tonight so I guess we better get started.
What are you up to this weekend??

Happy Friday!

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  1. wunderschön ♥
    ist das ein aktuelles h&m kleid?

  2. such a cute outfit! makes me wait for spring already ^^v so chirpy and colourful.^^v luvly!

  3. ich hab mich eben schon bei kk umgeschaut, hab leider nicht dieses kleid gefunden, dafür aber ein andere schönes! :)

    das mit den tabellen ist nur die erste woche etwas mühsam, weil man dauernd nachschauen muss, was wieviele punkte hat. aber das hat man schnell raus.
    für mich ist es einfach gut, dass ich mehr drüber nachdenke was ich esse. wenn ich mir überlege wieviel obst/gemüse ich für eine pizza essen kann! (pizza hat 10punkte und gemüse hat 0-1punkt)

  4. Happy Friday! And guess what? You WON my recent Shopbop giveaway! :) Drop me an email when you have the chance ;)

    ps. I ADORE THE BELT <3

  5. The colours are AMAZING in this outfit, definitely the perfect thing to brighten up any day. I love your dress, as always. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :D

  6. ooohh, i love this outfit! the dress is really pretty, and love the red cardigan with it :)


  7. That belt is indeed perfect! Great colours, just the way to brighten up a workday. :)
    Have a great weekend Carina!

    On Budapest shopping - would you be interested in clothes or accessories? I know some great little shops for bags and jewellery and such. :) Will you be here on the weekend? There might be a design market to go to!

    Clothes I usually get 2nd hand or from the usual international chain shops, from malls... Not so interesting. :)

  8. I like that dress is so feminine, a lot of girls around me wearing just jeans and I dont like it. I like your cute outfit! ♥

  9. love those booties :)

  10. sieht wundervoll aus! oh ja, die belgische schokolade... ein traum. ich hab mich aber auch ganz arg in die waffeln verliebt :) die sind der hammer.

  11. ich mag besonders das rot von cardi zusammen mit der farbe des gürtels :)

  12. beautiful belt! I would really wear that! It looks like bakelite! :D Thanks for your lovely comment, doll! Hope you're well!

    love, polly :D

  13. Super guertel! you should wear it all the time!

  14. der gürtel ist wirklich schön :)

  15. Lovely outfit and color scheme!..the dress is adorable!

  16. I'm glad you decided to wear that AMAZING belt! It looks gorgeous on that lovely dress! Your outfits are always pretty pretty pretty!

  17. Cute outfit, I love all the colors mixed in.

    xo erica

  18. i love this look! it's so colorful and that belt is great fun :)


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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