Tuesday 6 December 2011

little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky

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Hi guys!

I'm busy baking some cookies tonight, the first Christmas cookies this year :) So I leave you with the pictures of three delightful boxes - with even more delightful content - that came in the mail last week...

Box No.1, so pretty...

...with a little text about the item...

...the beautiful "Poseidon Disc Necklace" from Jewelmint!

Oh isn't it stunning?
I received it as a chic reward via Chictopia.
♥ Thank you so much Chictopia and Jewelmint! ♥


Box No. 2, nice pure design...

...with lovely wrapping...

...it's my first Glossybox! More info about the concept here.

It contained:

♥ a Kryolan eyeshadow palette "Paris" with different shades of purple
♥ a Dr. Scheller hand balm
♥ a MoroccanOil hair treatment
♥ a Schwarzkopf Essensity shampoo with delicious Gojiberry scent
♥ a full size Avène Hydrance Riche cream

I love it! Except for the drag queen eyeshadow I am totally happy with my first box and already can't wait for the next one to arrive :)


Box No. 3 was a little bigger...

...and had a bigger content...

...the Vila "Paula Jacket" in black...

...and the same one in brown!
Which one shall I keep? I'm so indecisive because I love them both.
Black is an allrounder that will go with any outfit, but brown is a warmer colour that looks more cozy and friendly.
What do you think: black or brown?

I hope you liked my three little boxes.
Does anyone still remember the title, respectively this title song of Weeds? I love this song :)

Happy Monday!

now playing: rise against - little boxes, this is SO cool!!! :D
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  1. that coat is just perfect. you can never go wrong with black...

  2. Ooh, what lovely packages! I feel like I need to order something right now! :D

    I'd fo with the brown coat, because too many people wear black coats and seeing so much black in the winter is not good for your soul. :)

  3. the gold brownish one is very cute! you could get a similar one free! :-) http://www.insidefruits.de/blog-wichteln-2011.html check it out!

  4. My vote is for brown, but that would be if it was for me :P I'm biased, I love earth tones, so my vote doesn't count!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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