Thursday, 15 December 2011

you and me

9 whole years!

Today is our 9th anniversary and I can't believe the years have gone by so fast!
I'm so endlessly lucky to have found my matching counterpart, I had never thought I would meet someone like you.
There could never be enough of you in my life, never enough of the fun we have.

To quote one of our favourite songs:

"You and I are everything I am not".

Thank you for being my best friend and for spending your life with me. I can't wait for all the adventures that lie ahead of us!

♥ I love you! ♥

now playing: the ataris - i.o.u. one galaxy
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  1. aaaawww... this is such a sweet post :') Congrats to both of you. 9 years is a long time, but I guess time flies when you're with 'the one' ;)


  2. congrats!!! such great photos! you look adorable together :)

  3. AWWWWWWWS!!! You two are the cutest thing! ^^<3 9 years? Wow..well done! b^^d MMxoxo

  4. awwww congrats you guys!! this is so absolutely sweet and sooo adorable!

  5. oh goodness, you two are so cute.
    happy 9 years!!
    love is a wonderful thing. <333

  6. Awww this is the cutest post ever. You two are absolutely adorable together, 9 years is so long! That's amazing my dear, congrats to you too

  7. wow, 9 years? congratz to u two!!!

  8. NINE YEARS?!!! WOW!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you and Patrick! You two are such a good looking couple and it looks like you have such a perfect, solid relationship! It is so rare to see young people so happy and settled down, I am always such a freak amongst my friends because I have been with Mr Darcy for nearly 4 years, but that's nothing compared to you two! I wish you two all the best in life, I'm so happy for both of you :) :) :)

  9. awww so cute! wow 9 years! congratulations. so amazing that after all that time you are still so inlove. That is true love :) you guys are such a cute couple


  10. wow 9 jahre!!
    ist ja ne mega zeit!

    ich w√ľnsch euch alles gute, und uf weiter 9 jahre ;)

  11. Damn you guy are cute together! I love your smile in the first photo. I'm very happy that you have found such a wonderful partner and that you get to share your life with him :) Next time I will have to meet him too!

  12. Oh, you look great together! Congrats and many many more wonderful years to you! :)


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