Wednesday, 7 December 2011

round my hometown

Hi guys!

Last Saturday was our monthly ladies night when I met my girls for a dinner date. We do this every month, it's always something I'm looking forward to because we see each other rather seldom. We always meet in different cities as our gang is scattered to different places and this time it was our hometown.

♥ dress: bershka ♥ cardi: zara ♥ jeans: esprit ♥ shoes: ebay ♥ necklace: jewelmint ♥ ring: six ♥

With great foresight to all the yummy food that night I decided to wear something comfortable ;) I bought this cute dress during my Budapest stay this summer and I love to wear it with jeans as a kind of tunic. Just added my new forest green cardi and my new dark red wedges (love!) et voilà le outfit was finished.

First some of us met to visit the little smalltown Christmas market and grabbed some yummy hot wine to pregame .
On an empty stomach this really packed a wallop ;) We were so hungry and couldn't wait for our reservation time to come, so off we went to the restaurant as oon as possible.

Hhmmm delicious! On the upper photo you can see one of my favourite dishes ever! I've known this Greek restaurant forever, my parents used to take me there when I was younger and since then I love their Souvlaki! It's the best one I've ever eaten, so spicy and good. I wish I could stuff my face with it every day...

After dinner we moved on to the only real bar in our hometown to let the evening fade with dessert and some drinks. My blissful smile shows that it was another lovely evening with my friends ;)
I hope we'll be able to get on with this tradition until we're old cranky grannies :)

How was your weekend?

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  1. its so great that you guys do this! glad it was in your hometown this time! you looked amazing, i love the brown polkadotten shirt and the green cardi, so cute! :)


  2. Aw, that's awesome you gals get together every month! It looks like you guys had a perfect time!
    Oh , and all that food looks super yummy!
    gi gi

  3. This is such a wonderful idea!! I need to start doing this with my lady friends. That food is making my stomache growl hard right now too, mmm greek food.
    I love your dress, it looks perfect with the green cardigan. Such a great colour combination :)

  4. So jealous of your gluhwein! I brought a bottle back with me and I can't wait to open it over the holidays! Looks like you had a splendid evening, the food all looks delish :) Also, love the outfit, it's my fave colors - earthy tones all together.

  5. looks like you had such a great time! ^^v it`s nice to get a bunch of good friends together ne. ^^v i do that whenever i go back to finland. ^^ miss my girl posse. ^^ haha.
    annnd..i totally love your outfit! the oclours are so cute together. ^^<3 dress is adorable ^^d

  6. That's such a cute dress. I like the little bow on it! Looks like such a fun time with your girls! Cheers to friends we're able to stay connected too! These are the people who can bring so much add joy to our lives!

  7. das sieht nach viel spass und ner guten zeit aus...

    das top mit der grünen jacke ist super!

  8. What a gorgeous necklace, so jealous! Looks like you had a wonderful time and now I'm hungry! Those french fries look good... Love the color of the cardigan with your dress too.

  9. Aw, this looks like so much fun! I love getting together with old friends. Great necklace, btw.

  10. Ach, eigentlich braucht man für gute Bilder kein wissen, und kein Profiequipment.
    Die idee macht das bild!

    Wenn ich ehrlich bin: würd ich das nciht beruflich machen, und damit nebenbei noch geld verdienen, hät ich das auch nciht. dann hät ich auch noch meine "kleine" Canon. Aber als "Fotograf" musst du halt auch ein bisschen dick auftragen und sagen "guck was ich frn fettes equipment hab, so toll bin ich" dabei stimmt das gar nciht XD
    alles nur P*nis-vergleich ;P
    aber spaß macht es trotzdem (:

    welche Kamera hast du denn?

    Tohuwabo-Wu find ich sehr geil! XD
    aber, ka.. ich bin unschlüssig.
    ich nenn mich einfach wu.rstografie, pff :D
    das photography rausnehmen wär eigentlich das einfachste, aber woher sollen facebook menschen dann wissen was ich tue?
    scheiss facebook T__T


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